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  1. Slash1983

    Les Paul Classic in germany

    Hi guys, my nephew is interested in this guitar. Gibson Les Paul Standard 1960 in Innenstadt - Köln Altstadt | Musikinstrumente und Zubehör gebraucht kaufen | eBay Kleinanzeigen Does it look legit? It is a 2000 Classic so the SN should be 00xxxx, right? Thank you!
  2. Slash1983

    Which LP to go? Suzuki or Luxor

    I will post some "inside" pics.
  3. Slash1983

    Which LP to go? Suzuki or Luxor

    Vintage Suzuki LP Custom Kopie nur 3,7 kg in Hessen - Viernheim | Musikinstrumente und Zubehör gebraucht kaufen | eBay Kleinanzeigen LUXOR LP Custom Gitarre (Japan, Matsumoku, 35-40 Jahre alt) in Berlin - Tiergarten | Musikinstrumente und Zubehör gebraucht kaufen | eBay Kleinanzeigen
  4. Slash1983

    Which LP to go? Suzuki or Luxor

    Hey guys, I found 2 beautiful LP Customs. A cherry sunburst Custom from Suzuki and another one from Luxor. Both have an accurate Gibson LP shape. I will post some pics. Can you tell me about those japanese killer LPs?
  5. Slash1983

    Search: Looking for japanese Les Pauls in europe, Pearl Kasuga etc.

    Hi LP-maniacs, I'm looking for japanese LPs in europe. Please show me what you want to sell. :) Thanks, René
  6. Slash1983

    Pearl Les Pauls - Which wood are they made of?

    Hey guys, the title speaks for itself. I didn't find many Threads about them but could you maybe help me? Thank you! René
  7. Slash1983

    Will anyone own up?

    I think the 14ers are great guitars. Maybe next year I'll buy one... ;-) The Melody Maker, the LPJ and the Classic seem to be great guitars!
  8. Slash1983

    Gibson Humbucker Poll

    I have 57 Gibsons in my Signature T (uncovered) and I voted for them. I really like these sweet tones they made... I'm also into aftermarket PUs (SeymourDuncans 59, JB, Jazz or DiMarzios 36th and SuperDistortion).
  9. Slash1983

    New member and NGD!

    That finish is called "new honey burst". Very cool imho altough it's a rimburst...
  10. Slash1983

    Gibson Les Paul Signature T thoughts?

    Here's mine
  11. Slash1983

    NGD - But what have I got?

    May be a (polished) Custom '57 Goldtop VOS.
  12. Slash1983

    Axcess Club

    These Floyd LPs reminds me of the great Steve Clark. :) Didn't he played Customs?
  13. Slash1983

    Axcess Club

    Love the Axcesses without Floyds. But those are sweeties too! :)
  14. Slash1983

    NGD in Germany - Signature T

    No Min-ETune! :D @Leiste: Auch im Musiker-board? ;)
  15. Slash1983

    NGD! Les Paul Jr!

    Well that's one cool rocker, dude! How about the combination w/your Valve King?
  16. Slash1983

    NGD in Germany - Signature T

    Ist ja egal solange ich weiss was ich will... Und zig tausend KM zu fahren will ich auch nicht. Zumal die Gitarre echt gut klingt und ein gutes Exemplar ist. But now english again please. :)
  17. Slash1983

    Traditional Pro II PU question

    Hi folks, maybe you know why in Europe they write that these guitars come with a 490R in the neck and a Burstbucker Pro in the bridge position? Here (NA) they equip these LPs with 57ers... Oh yes...! Do they have a compound radius fretboard like those Std.s?
  18. Slash1983

    NGD - B7 3 pickup Black Beauty LPC 57 reissue

    Nice 3PU Custom! I would definitely take off the pickguard and the PU covers...
  19. Slash1983

    NGD what color is it

    Yes, it's definitely HoneyBurst!