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  1. Sharp

    Two customs, different birds.

    I realized a couple of months ago that I own two customs. Hadn’t thought about it before. 1966 SG and 1982 Les Paul. They both have gold hardware and ebony fretboard’s, mother of pearl rectangle inlays that start at the first fret, and the split diamond inlay on the headstock. The TRC says...
  2. Sharp

    Manny's Music is No Longer Standing :(

    In 1980 my friends and I were getting drunk one night in the summer in Ottawa. We were 18. Back then we could rent a car for $20.00 because my dad worked for the government so we had a trans am in the driveway. Natch. The conversation started with “ let’s go to Hull “, then Montreal, then nyc! 8...
  3. Sharp

    1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom - No Serial #

    This is the case my ‘82 came in. Maybe original?
  4. Sharp

    1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom - No Serial #

    For the sake of comparison, I bought my ‘82 custom from a pawn shop about a year and a half ago for cdn $2000.00. Taxes in. That’s about $1500.00 usd. It’s all original and in very good condition. It came in the same kind of case as the op has but I bought a chainsaw case for it anyway.
  5. Sharp

    NVGD 81 Custom

    i actually just use a good strap and always have a hand on the guitar. I'm not sure if I would be returning the guitar to original, or, modifying it by installing posilocks. The guitar is very clean as is so I will leave it stock. I'm more of a player than a moder. yes
  6. Sharp

    NVGD 81 Custom

    My ‘82 has Gibson strap buttons, but they are the regular round kind in gold. I’m not sure if they are original but they seem to be period correct. I’d love to get a set of the posi-locks so I don’t have to put strap locks on. I gig it without, no problem, but I pay attention; always one hand on...
  7. Sharp

    Almost scared to ask (1969 SG Custom Question)

    I like! Mine is a late ‘66, I believe. Been down the rabbit hole trying to date it. Mine doesn’t have the control cavity pan that yours does. Enjoy.
  8. Sharp

    Strange Les Paul type thing

    1153 visits, 7 weeks, ads still up. Dude has gone dark. Not sure what’s going on...
  9. Sharp

    Post Your Pedal Board Order

    Boss tuner, dunlop wah, Ross phaser, amp.
  10. Sharp

    Strange Les Paul type thing

    I pm'd, but no response. The ad was kind of bush ,so I think the person is considering their options. The ad may have been up for a while. I don't have the cake for a "50 something" Les Paul, maybe someone here can partner with me to bring this axe back?!? just dreaming.
  11. Sharp

    Strange Les Paul type thing

    Ad says " the serial # has worn off", and "pickups and body are original". He's getting it appraised. Judging by the pups and lack of serial # it might be an old gold top with a refin. 3rd gen chainsaw case.
  12. Sharp

    Strange Les Paul type thing

    Saw this on my local for sale site. Not sure what to make of it.
  13. Sharp

    The ES335 is best non Les Paul Gibson ever

    I have an ordinary figured, From 2011, Memphis. It’s a standout guitar. I play all my guitars and I like this one too. The 57’s really work in this guitar.
  14. Sharp

    "Other" DC Specials.

    You can still get a DC faded for well under a grand in Canada. Maybe someone will ship. I love mine.
  15. Sharp

    NGD - 1987 Gibson Les Paul Studio Standard

    well done! I own an "87 SS as well and I love it.
  16. Sharp

    When exactly did Norlin era end?

    This one is dated January 2, 1987. Studio Standard with Shaw pups. I’m calling it a Norlin.
  17. Sharp

    If you had to keep only one LP, which one and why?

    I have an '82 custom, an '87 studio standard, an '06 faded dc and a '12 gt trad. The dc is kind of the runt of the litter, but I love it. I would prolly keep the studio. It was my first LP and is a great guitar. I couldn't choose based on looks or playability, all of them sparkle. I would be...
  18. Sharp

    Anyone Else Just Fine With Only One Les Paul?

    I like the variety of having a few. I always have a thought before a gig or rehearsal about which axe I'll grab, I like that.
  19. Sharp

    The magical, mythical, 1982 Les Paul

    1982 pearl white LPC. Maple neck I believe. No votute, winder tuners, no-post bridge. Love this thing.