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  1. Truth011

    WTB 50's Vintage Les Paul Goldtop

    In the reverb pictures for that listing it looks like the head stalk logo is high. Did the position vary in early goldtops?
  2. Truth011

    PAF Question

    Some interesting observations. A vintage parts seller once told me that when his clients would look for PAF's they had in mind a 8.0 - 8.5 ohm range. He was often surprised when they tried out different sets that they preferred the tone of the lower wind PAF's in the high 6's.
  3. Truth011

    Is my R8 a Fake?

    It looks like your action is pretty high. You could try tightening the truss rod to straighten the neck .You probably have too much relief. IMO Les Pauls need tension in the neck to come alive.
  4. Truth011

    PAF Question

    Yes, same condition. Would they be similar in outputs?
  5. Truth011

    PAF Question

    What set of PAF's would be considered more desirable, an early 1957 pair with no stickers and stainless steel covers or a 61/62 short magnet set with nickel covers?
  6. Truth011

    ?? to owners of 1954-1956 & Early '70s LP Custom Black Beauties

    I have owned a couple of 69 BB Customs and have found that there is a lot of taper to the necks. My current one is .820 - .995 . They can vary a lot in thickness but in general they feel like a mid 1960 standard from fret 1-7 and a 59 standard 8-12.
  7. Truth011

    CITES Restrictions on Guitars to be Over Soon!

    Will the guitars build after 1992 with Brazilian rosewood be exempt? And if so will manufacturers be allowed to continue to use Braz rosewood? Yes, that is the logic behind it. The problem is that musical instruments didn't lead to the Brazilian rosewood endangerment. It was the furniture...
  8. Truth011

    CITES Restrictions on Guitars to be Over Soon!

    As usual they got it ass backwards. What are they trying to protect with vintage instruments and "already built" guitars with Braz wood?
  9. Truth011

    Vintage Tuner Issue

    Thanks very much for the info!
  10. Truth011

    Vintage Tuner Issue

    I have a first world problem that I'm looking for some input on from the vintage experts here. My 69 Custom's high E Kluson Waffleback tuner goes badly out of tune on the first bend. What I'm wondering is if there are direct replacement tuners available that I can use with the old bushings...
  11. Truth011

    NVGD | Two for one sale

    Wow, that is an amazing day!
  12. Truth011

    Pearly Gates makeover NGD

    Looks like a keeper. Play the hell out of it. :cheers:
  13. Truth011

    Pearly Gates makeover NGD

    A STUNNING BEAUTY! The top carve is one of the best I've seen. How is the neck? Do you know the neck dimensions?
  14. Truth011

    Historic Changes 2007 to 2020

    The BIG change years after you bought your 2000 historic were 2003,2009 and 2013 with little changes each year along the way. I have found 2009-2011 to be consistently great guitars although others like the newer specs and custom buckers on the 2013+ guitars.
  15. Truth011

    NVGD: 1955 Les Paul Special

    Congrats on a nice find! There's nothing like a great playing and sounding vintage instrument.
  16. Truth011

    New Conversion project- the ultimate original centre seam flametop!

    That turned out AMAZING! Do you know the final weight and did you have to shave the bridge?
  17. Truth011

    Recent live clip of my guitar

    I've seen your guitar on the MOBontv videos as well. The Dangerburst is one of the killer vintage LP's on the planet in every way. Lucky son of a gun! :cheers:
  18. Truth011

    New Conversion project- the ultimate original centre seam flametop!

    The only problem with that top is that it is so spectacular people will think it's a re top. I can't wait to see the guitar finished. And see the final weight!
  19. Truth011

    Robben Ford is selling his '53 Goldtop

    That was my impression when I watched that video as well. Maybe he found another set of PAF's to stick in it.