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  1. Slash1983

    Les Paul Classic in germany

    Hi guys, my nephew is interested in this guitar. Gibson Les Paul Standard 1960 in Innenstadt - Köln Altstadt | Musikinstrumente und Zubehör gebraucht kaufen | eBay Kleinanzeigen Does it look legit? It is a 2000 Classic so the SN should be 00xxxx, right? Thank you!
  2. Slash1983

    Which LP to go? Suzuki or Luxor

    Hey guys, I found 2 beautiful LP Customs. A cherry sunburst Custom from Suzuki and another one from Luxor. Both have an accurate Gibson LP shape. I will post some pics. Can you tell me about those japanese killer LPs?
  3. Slash1983

    Search: Looking for japanese Les Pauls in europe, Pearl Kasuga etc.

    Hi LP-maniacs, I'm looking for japanese LPs in europe. Please show me what you want to sell. :) Thanks, René
  4. Slash1983

    Pearl Les Pauls - Which wood are they made of?

    Hey guys, the title speaks for itself. I didn't find many Threads about them but could you maybe help me? Thank you! René
  5. Slash1983

    Traditional Pro II PU question

    Hi folks, maybe you know why in Europe they write that these guitars come with a 490R in the neck and a Burstbucker Pro in the bridge position? Here (NA) they equip these LPs with 57ers... Oh yes...! Do they have a compound radius fretboard like those Std.s?
  6. Slash1983

    NGD in Germany - Signature T

    Hey guys, got myself after a musicial break a new Les Paul with a Peavey Classic 30. One of my most favourite amps in combination with Les Pauls! :slash: I'm always interested in feedbacks so feel free to ask if you wanna know something. :)
  7. Slash1983

    Pickguard on Historics

    Hi there, I just wanted to know if I buy a new R8 or R9, is the pickguard already on the guitar or lays it in the case seperately? I'm interested in a 58 LP in Fad.TobaccoSunb. (yes I'm a Slash-Fan ;-) :slash:) So it's pretty cool if it's not on the guitar 'cause I won't put it on the...
  8. Slash1983

    Izzy's guitar in the Welcome to the Jungle Video ?

    Hi there, I was just watching the WTTJ Video and I saw his Gibson ES-??? in black. I thought it was a ES-135 but his guitar has a bridge unit as on a Les Paul... Somebody know the exact model?:
  9. Slash1983

    Slash Photos

    Hey guys, I was looking for cool pics of slash and I saw in a german guitar magazin the following picture. Does someone know where I can find more photos from this session? Thank you, René :slash: