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  1. ARandall

    Closed back cabs

    Just made a home made closed back cab to hold the original V-type speaker that came out of my Custom Deluxe. There seems to be a lot of differing opinions about the importance of: 1. being perfectly airtight. 2. The dimensions, and the effect of mounting from the rear of the baffle. It will...
  2. ARandall

    Late 70's cutaway

    I've posted a similar thread in the Luthiers corner, so apologies if you're seeing double!! In a Tool inspired move, I'm wanting to make a late 70's silverburst Les Paul from scratch, and the templates I have are all of the more vintage cutaway shape, not the late 70's/early 80's one. I'm...
  3. ARandall

    The late 70's Nashville cutaway shape

    Hi all, In a massive Tool inspired type build, I'm wanting to do a silverburst Les Paul in the late 70's style. Of course the Nashville cutaway of that era was a slightly different shape, so I'm wondering if anyone has a plan or similar of that version, or has a late 70's guitar they could...
  4. ARandall

    Any Vox AC 10 lovers out there???

    Just put one of these things on hold at the local store. The clips and a brief listen in-store sounds great.
  5. ARandall

    A question about sealers

    Just wanting to have a little bit of a discussion on sealer and how it is used under nitro. I use Behlen sealer usually, either the Qualalac or Vinyl stuff. Occasionally I've also wiped on some shellac. A lot of them mention quick build......which seems to indicate that they are filling pores...
  6. ARandall

    Plain maple

    After having found a great old mahogany body thanks to @Greco and sourced a Koa neck for the guitar I am now looking for a top. Having done highly flamed maple and lots of 59 clones, I'm thinking more along the lines of a Knopfler/plain 58 guitar. But most places sell pretty much only flamed...
  7. ARandall

    Shaw era minis

    Bought a mini off the 'bay which was made near at the end of the Deluxe era. It has the pat stamped baseplate but with the Shaw format ink stamp. Manufacture date is Jan 81. I'm just wondering if any of the Shaw features like the magnet type or copper penny wire also were used on this era mini??
  8. ARandall

    The Gibson ownership cycle

    Have we got to that 1968/69 or 1985 where the company has got so run down by its current owner that it needs the guitar equivilent of the shutdown and restart you do to your computer.
  9. ARandall

    5E3 coupling caps question

    I am in the process of finishing a 5E3 build, but know already from clips that the stock form will be too bassy for the LP's - which I play most of all. But I do play strats and Teles quite often - as well as having a Jag and JM too. A fix for the farty bass seems to be replacing the 1uF...
  10. ARandall

    New Chase Tone

    Anyone been checking out the new secret preamp?? Looks like an additional tonal option available. I tend to find either dark or bright just a bit too much either way, so the new 3 option pedal might just be the ticket.
  11. ARandall

    Birdseye maple issue - is warp 'usual'

    I bought a birdseye maple fretboard just recently......quite thick, maybe 8mm or so. In the process of making a Tele neck (2 piece) it was glued to the QLD maple fret blank using fish glue before any shaping of the neck or the radius sanding had taken place. The fretboard had a sealer on it...
  12. ARandall

    Neckthrough shaft wood ponderings

    Well, I don't do many neckthough guitars....only 1 so far. But I have a blank which might just support a neckthrough V (especially at a 24" scale) I'm only considering this construction due to the weight of it.....its macassar ebony, and the fact that I can't really think of anything else to...
  13. ARandall

    Speaker for Custom Deluxe Reverb

    Well, I've had my 68 Deluxe 'reissue' for a bit now, and it seems not so 'vintage Fender' tone as I'd like (and I use the vintage channel too). Just wondering if there are some speakers that people would recommend for this amp that might get it closer.......I own a Cannabis Rex already in...
  14. ARandall

    Builds that just keep going wrong

    Have you ever had a build that you just kept on having to make saves on??? I'm in the middle of one right now....... A LP which is a full korina body/neck, with a nice bit of flecked + vintage looking flamed maple for the top. I've been trying to take my time with it (as when I rush is...
  15. ARandall

    A critique on my first build please

    Hi After my thread a while back now on a possible Tweed Deluxe build, I've now had enough rainy Melbourne weekends to get some progress. The kit (from ceriatone) was completely parts, so I got to put in all the caps/resistors into the board too. I have got to the parts where all the wiring...
  16. ARandall

    Ebay seller - tell him he's dreamin'

    What on earth is this guy on........actually maybe pressure perhaps. Not even close. Edit - given all the other items for sale, I think I'm dead on!!! These two: Gibson SG Tobacco Burst with Block Inlays Left Hand Guitar | eBay Gibson Les Paul Standard with Zebra Pickups...
  17. ARandall

    I like fleck and I cannot lie

    A couple of builds in progress....... I've gone more and more for tops with a bit more character. The flame on this 'strat' is pretty regular-ish, but the fleck is a nice extra. And the newer one - this one stood out to me when I first saw it. I waited for a nervous week until I had...
  18. ARandall

    Vintage p90's

    Does anyone know what the variance is in the wind of terms of turn count? I bought a set.....well actually a whole harness as well. In circuit measuring at the pots they are reading in the low 5's. I can't actually get a reading when measuring on the hookup leads.
  19. ARandall

    Finish buffing

    Just want to shout out to those who contributed to that finish buffing thread from a few weeks back - much appreciated. From the tips on sanding to the various products people use in the buffing process it has been invaluable to me in the last 2 builds that have gone through to final gloss...
  20. ARandall

    First amp builders....experience?

    I am considering my first amp build.......a tweed deluxe from ceriatone. I have built a lot of those pedal kits...BYOC and the like plus modding boss pedals with those upgrades. These have been quite successful, and a couple of these I had to troubleshoot for improperly placed components...

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