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  1. dro

    Tuning Issues ( Anybody )

    It seems every time I turn around lately I hear someone saying that Les Paul's, though great sounding, just wont stay in tune. Who here, who is a Les Paul player, has a problem with keeping your guitar in tune? I have been playing guitar well over half of my life. Have played everything from the...
  2. dro

    New ABR-1

    Since these have a press in bushing, I'm wondering if these will fit on a Nashville post ? Are they even selling these yet ?
  3. dro

    Alcohol and Ebay...Bad Idea?

    Anyone else have one too many and think, ( Oh Hell I'll throw out a lowball bid, It'll be outbid in a couple hours) Only to watch for a week after and nobody bids.. CONGRATS YOU WON. Well that's how I ended up with a really sweet Les Paul Classic for a very good deal. But I doubt I would have...
  4. dro

    Thunderstruck SG on ebay

    Just incase anyone is interested just posted this on ebay last night. Cant keep 'em a ll
  5. dro

    New to MLP and to Kansas City

    Hi everyone; Singer, songwriter, guitar hacker. Getting settled in new environment.

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