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    Just picked up an '81 LPC.... have a few Qs

    Big congrats that is a beaut
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    Echo Park Guitars Building Gibson’s Now

    I would have been happier if the contract went to Heritage maybe they could not afford it, is anyone in the know?
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    Many .009 gauge LP players out there?

    I have always used 10-46
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    Nitro friendly multi guitar stand

    I must agree with TZD Hercules Stands works for me too. They have a 5-guitar rack. and you can buy single holders
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    NGD: 2017 Custom Shop Modern LP Standard

    Big congrats from the UK beautiful guitar
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    New member and NGD

    Congratulations James and welcome to MLP I love the standards myself and yours is a beaut you have good taste
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    NGD x 2

    Big congrats, they make a lovely pair how are you findings the SG is it as good as you thought it would be? for some unknown reason, I have stayed clear of the SG but I don't know why I sit down most of the time with a guitar I was warned about the shape what do you think? thank you in advance
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    1960 Brazilian Les Paul - Golden Poppy Burst PHOTOFEST

    Beautiful, great choice I would have chosen that one it's a stunner it's a keeper
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    Gibson Les Paul Standard 2019 60's (Unburst Finish/Flamey :)

    Big congrats, nothing like a standard IMHO looks fabulous really stands out and your right it has got a super 3D effect all the best from Suffolk UK
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    My first Gibson LP - 2014 Traditional Ocean Blue.

    That is a stunner congrats
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    NGD - Finally Got The GOLD

    Big congrats love the Gold
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    NGD: Les Paul Standard 50's Heritage Cherry

    Big congrats lovely guitar love the colour I've have not have the chance to get out and check them out personally but am looking forward to doing so all the best from the UK
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    NGD Les Paul Standard '60s in Bourbon Burst

    Big congrats lovely guitar, lucky you, I have been using Hercules stands since 2013 and never had a problem
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    NGD - My First Gibson Les Paul

    Yes the cream colour is really nice I think I would do the same congrats again
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    NGD - My First Gibson Les Paul

    Congratulation She's a beauty I really enjoy the Vintage Burst. from the UK
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    My First Headstock Break!

    I'm soooo sorry to see this I feel your pain give it to a good luthier or even a new neck, let us know what you decide to do
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    NGD: 2018 SG Special Natural

    Congratulation very nice indeed will last you a lifetime and play it every day :-)
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    Telecasters With Binding

    I really enjoy the look of the binding on the guitar I think it adds class and I also find that they tend to make a better quality guitar all round congrats guys
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    NGD- Tele Elite

    I love the look but mostly their playability is really superb love the necks I have a Fender American Deluxe with S1 switching 2013 and really have bonded with it hope you do to congratulations
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    Now I have seen it all!

    Prop.65 warning for California residents this product can expose you to Chemicals including Styrene which is known to cause cancer Now I live in the UK and opened the box It is Keeley's latest compressor and I say it really works well very pleased but I'm a bit concerned that this item may be...

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