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  1. Kong

    NAD - Peavy Studio Pro 112 (red stripe)

    Just got this little beasty off of Craigslist. Paid $125 and it is in near mint condition. Had about an hour to fiddle around with it and I'm pretty darned impressed so far. I'm loving the tone and I think it was a steal at this price. I checked out some youtube vids from user "intheblues"...
  2. Kong

    NGD Duo Sonic HS

    So this came yesterday. I'm absolutely loving it. New MIM Duo Sonic HS. The neck feels great, it has a pau ferro fretboard and I already have a strat with a pau ferro Warmoth neck that I love. Overall the guitar feels amazing, very light I don't want to put it down. Fit and finish are...
  3. Kong

    Opinions Wanted on Electronics Upgrade

    I bought an Epi Les Paul Custom in Silverburst new in 2008. After a few months I swapped out the pickups for the Duncan Hotrodded set (SH-2 / SH-4). When I did the pickup swap I just left the stock wiring in the guitar. I didn't really know what I was doing and I was actually amazed when I...
  4. Kong

    Installed GFS bridge on Silverburst Custom

    I have a 2008 Les Paul Custom Silverburst that I love. I bought one of the all brass GFS bridges for my Explorer, and I liked it so much I decided to put one on my Custom as well. I got the black unit and the matching curved tailpiece. I installed the GFS bushings as well which meant I had to...
  5. Kong

    video clip of my Korina Explorer

    Been meaning to get clips of some of my guitars on here. Playing Ten Years Gone on my 2009 Epiphone Explorer with GFS Vint. '59 in the neck and Alnico Fat Pat in the bridge. I have the guitar set up with 2 volumes and a master tone. The tone pot is a push pull that splits the coils on both...
  6. Kong

    04 Epi Elitist Les Paul Studio

    Selling a 2004 Les Paul Studio in Vintage Sunburst. This guitar is very beautiful and I've gotten many compliments on it. The made in Japan Elitists are really well made, with 2 piece mahogany bodies, thick maple cap and long neck tenon. Gibson style bridge. This guitar is stock except for...
  7. Kong

    Installed Guitar Fetish Brass Bridge and Tailpiece on my Korina Explorer

    About a year ago I was getting tired of the crappy buzzy pot metal bridge on my Explorer. So I purchased a solid brass bridge and tailpiece from Guitar Fetish. I ordered it with their studs and bushings. I thought the bushings were a drop in, but they are slightly larger than stock so the...
  8. Kong

    My JB Firebird Review

    Okay I've had the Firebird a few weeks so I figured I'd give my review. I will admit that when I get a new guitar there is usually a honeymoon period where I just can't put it down and this is certainly the case with my Firebird. I really do think this one will be my favorite. I have a decent...
  9. Kong

    Elitist SG in NJ
  10. Kong

    03 Epiphone Elite Les Paul Made in Japan

    2003 Epiphone Elite in Central NJ. Looking for local pickup or I can meet within a reasonable distance of zip code 08559. I don't want to deal with shipping hassles. This guitar is very mint. It is 100% stock (except has strap locks and thumbcutters installed) and includes the original Elite...
  11. Kong

    NGD Craigslist Find Ibanez AR325

    Picked up this beauty off Craigs today. Ibanez AR325. I thought it looked pretty cool and the switching options are interesting. I gave it a quick cleaning, oiled the fretboard and installed new strings. Intonation is close, I'll adjust tomorrow. Action is low and no noticeable buzzing...
  12. Kong

    Korina Explorer - Lots of Pics

    I've had this guitar for a while and I have posted about it here before. I just thought it was looking extra fabulous today and felt the need to post some new pics. Bonamassa signed the pickguard for me at a meet and greet before one of his shows a few years ago. This thing sounds great and...
  13. Kong

    Peavey Classic 20 combo FS/FT $250

    I have a Peavey Classic 20 combo in the Central NJ area, not far from PA. The amp is in excellent condition and functions 100%. No rips, tears, or stains to speak of. No scratchy pots or noises. Asking $250 cash. Would like to avoid shipping. Willing to drive a ways to meet, I'm in Zip...
  14. Kong

    Marshall Class 5 $250

    I have a Marshall Class 5 for sale. I just installed new JJ tubes. I also put on tube dampers and replaced the retainer on the power tube with a better spring type retainer. It did have some rattle issues, but the new tubes and dampers have eliminated the issue. Tolex has a small rip in...
  15. Kong

    Another Excuse to Post Pics - Elite content

    So I almost sold my Elite standard the other day, but thankfully came to my senses after it spent a couple days on craigslist and the classifieds here. I have never been able to capture how nice this guitar is in pictures. Last night I pulled the pickguard off just to see if that would...
  16. Kong

    Peavey Classic 20 Combo in NJ

    I'm selling a Classic 20 Combo in NJ. Great shape, priced to move. Peavey Classic 20 Combo Amp
  17. Kong

    03 Epi Elite (Elitist) LP Honey $800

    I'm selling an 03 Epiphone Elite in Central NJ. Looking for local pickup or I can meet within a reasonable distance of zip code 08559. I don't want to deal with shipping hassles. This guitar is very mint. It is 100% stock (except has strap locks and thumbcutters installed) and includes the...
  18. Kong

    Elitist on NJ Craigslist

    Have my 03 Elitist up for sale in NJ
  19. Kong

    Selling Class 5 and Valve Jr in Central NJ

    I'm trying to unload an Epiphone Valve Junior head and cab and a Marshall Class 5 combo. The Valve Junior is in pretty much mint condition, asking $200 for the head and cab. The head has the bitmo mods (added tone control, boost, voicing switch, reverb). The Class 5 combo is in good shape...
  20. Kong

    NGD - Another ES-339 P90 Pro - Ebony

    I got my $299 P90 Pro today. All I can say is that I'm pretty blown away by the quality. I posted my review on EpiphoneTalk and wanted to share here as well. When I unpacked the guitar I was surprised to see that the body had a gloss finish. The pics on Musicians Friend looked like the...

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