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    Old Mustard caps possible problem ..... have a look!!

    Hello. I have a stash of never used 60s and 70s mullard mustard caps. Some made in England and some made in Spain (labelled Bianchi) to the same specs. i have noticed that the cement has cracked slightly on some of them. They test absolutely perfect but I wonder if I should use them in amps. I...
  2. 5F6-A

    JTM45s low end....

    My main amp for big gigs is my Pure Soul amp. Basically, a custom made JTM45 with NOS parts, Obsolete Electronics OT, a master volume and a parallel fx loop. It drives a couple of GEC KT66s... glorious. Cab is loaded with 2 x UK made Tayden True Brit speakers (Greenback clone). The only thing I...
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    Show your little 5 watters!!!

    I had a Harley Benton GA5 (terribly bad sounding amp) modded into a 5F2A clone with no NFL, one 6V6GT and a Hammond OT. The perfect blues amp!!! With the mods it went from 0 to hero. Incredible change. Volume knob goes. 0 to 3 - clean;4-6 - cooking and dynamic; 7-10 - N Young's filth. Love it...
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    Tayden True Brit and Celestion G12M Greenback Heritage. What can you hear?

    My favourite current speaker is the Celestion G12M Greenback Heritage (Made in England). I have a 2x12" closed back cab with Tayden True Brits (also made in England) which are supposed to be very much like the original Greenback speaker).This is how the Taydens sound: For a fairer...
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    Black fingers after playing my Strat...

    I have a very nice 60s Strat style guitar that I love. I use my favourite strings (ie. 10-38 GHS Boomers). No affiliation at all BTW. I have noticed that all of a sudden my fingertips are black after playing this guitar. I have noticed that this has started happening roughly after I starting...
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    Old Silver mica caps

    I have found some of these caps and hey look quite cool. They were sold by a German company and the dates seem to suggest late 70s or early 80s. Any idea of the make / origin? Thanks.
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    Using Higgins India Ink to darken a streaky ebony fingerboard

    My 2003 OM esque spruce and rosewood acoustic guitar is lovely. Has been to so many battles with me (and it shows) and it sounds better every day. No wonder everybody who plays it, loves it. Listen to it in this clip: Anyway, the only thing that bothered me slightly was the streaky ebony...
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    Hard blister on my left thumb

    Since started playing my guitar with my left thumb over the fretboard a la Hendrix, I have developed a small but very annoying hard blister above the knuckle. I tried to "trim" it but it grew back almost immediately. What should I do? Det used to it and hope it grows hard and numb? Change...
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    New tele wiring...very excited about it!

    I am having a new tele style guitar built in the near future. I t has a Broadcaster type bridge pickup and a Lollar Charlie Christian neck unit. When it came to devising the wiring I was inspired by this video. I really like the classic versatility using just one pickup. The cocked wah mode...
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    Faded Fiesta Red vs Sonic Red

    What's the difference? The former was used for the Chris Rea's signature Strat, the latter was used (and oddly enough discontinued) for some Player series Strats and Teles. Can you tell what the difference is? Top guitar is a 2019 Player model, the one underneath is the Rea's model from 1999.
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    Chris Rea's tone here..... how?!?

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    Help me choose pickguard colour

    I'm going to get a new pickguard for my Tele in open G. It's beaten to death and it has a pale ish all maple neck. Which one would you choose?
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    Do Guitar Logos Look Ugly on Left Handed Headstocks?

    After a few years learning on a cheap SG copy, my son decided that the guitar of his dreams is a red Strat. Left handed. Not a problem, I thought. Easier said than done as a quick trawl on the internet showed that left handed guitars are few and far between, especially if your budget is limited...
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    Pau Ferro FB Strat

    Are they okay in your view? Reason why I'm asking is that I have bought a Fender Strat (left handed) online unseen for my son. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance of seeing it yet but I know it comes with a Pau Ferro FB. Can't wait to see it even when the guitar is not even for me! The...
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    Fretwire choice

    My main guitar (60s Strat type) has 6150 fretwire (i.e. 0.102" / 0.042"). Love the feel but the frets wear out pretty fast. For my next Fender style guitar, I was thinking of installing similar size but made of stainless steel instead. My preferred supplier (Stewmac) only do 0.092" / 0.048" or...
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    Tone loss in bypass mode Boss pedal

    Today I was playing my Strat through my Princeton-voiced GA5 amp. Guitar straight into amp. Glorious. I tried to add reverb from a Boss FRV-1 pedal. Very nice too but in bypass mode the tone darkens a bit over straight into amp. Why is this?
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    Constantia Font number alignment in Word 2010. HELP!

    I am writing a piece of research and I really like the Constantia font. What I don't like is that numbers seem to be all over the place. There's no baseline alignment, making a formal document look amateurish and unnecessarily fancy. Have a look: I tried to change the font properties and it...
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    Amps with no negative feedback and guitar vol knob

    We all know that an amp with no negative feedback sounds louder, dirtier and wilder than the same amp with a NF. That might be good or bad depending on your desired tone. However, I wonder if the extra gain and dirt of a non NF amp can be tamed by just turning your guitar vol knob a tad. Never...
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    Bi-color amps

    Inspired by the tone and looks of the old Valcos, Supros, ... American voiced combos I decided to mod one of my amps in that style, not just in tone but also aesthetically -ish: What do you think? Do you like those two colour themes? PS. Just in case you were wondering, this is the video...
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    Going to use one of these NOS 6V6GTs in my Champ-esque combo. Any info?

    Both are NOS and come from my parts drawer. The RCA looks from the 1950s and it came in a white box stating that it is a 6V6GT. The other one is a Mullard labelled 6V6GT. Made in Holland. Looks very much like the Popes of yesteryear. BVA labelled. Longer pins and stubbier glass shape. Any info...

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