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  1. JWinAK

    Any Lionel train enthusiasts on here?

    Your best bet would be to ask the guys over at the Model Train Forum. Post your questions in the O Scale section. I'm sure that if you provide them with some pics and descriptions they could help you out. Plus, they have a Marketplace section so you might even be able to sell some of those...
  2. JWinAK

    Remember the cranberry sauce.

    I don't know. I've seen some pretty heated debates about whole berry vs. jellied cranberry sauce in my day. Not so safe, is it?
  3. JWinAK

    Why electric is so much easier.

    That is a very good point.
  4. JWinAK

    The Tetanuscaster: Nail your metal tones!

    That thing looks like it can really shred.
  5. JWinAK

    Why electric is so much easier.

    Damn Olds! That's some tasty looking brisket. cornbread? A few years back, I was working on a trawler out of Juneau. We had a little electric smoker on deck. Several weeks of fresh smoked salmon (and some lingcod) everyday! :drool: No complaints about electrics here.
  6. JWinAK

    Hocus Pocus Focus

    Gary Hoey was my introduction to this song as a kid. I had no idea that there was supposed to be yodelling, whistling and a flute!
  7. JWinAK

    Calling all Mountain Bikers

    You know you did alright if you don't have anything to contribute to Fails and Bails.
  8. JWinAK

    Gonna have to kill my neighbor

    Did he play heavy strings?
  9. JWinAK

    Don Cherry fired from Hockey Night In Canada

    I somehow feel like @Howard2k was trying to tell us something. Maybe there's more to this story than just some virtue-signalling blather from an old man.
  10. JWinAK

    Don Cherry fired from Hockey Night In Canada

    Regardless of what he said this time, it's long overdue for this loudmouth jackass. But, on the upside, now he'll have more free time to sit in his rocking chair, shake his hockey stick and yell at those foreigners to get off his rink.
  11. JWinAK

    Oh, you just play bass?

    To answer the question in the thread title... ... ... yep.
  12. JWinAK

    Your oldest pedal?

    Here's mine. Replaced it with Crank Brothers Stamp 7. Couldn't be happier.
  13. JWinAK

    I just got the bill for my arm amputation.

    Glad it didn't cost you and arm AND a leg! ;)
  14. JWinAK

    I wish Janis had lived...

    After the caterwauling of that Mercedes Benz song, I'm not too upset about how things turned out. Too soon?
  15. JWinAK


    Hell F'n Yeah!
  16. JWinAK

    Arpeggios at the speed of light

    Damian may play at the speed of light but my ears only hear at the speed of sound so a lot of it blurred together. Credit to him though. My fingers definitely don't move that fast. But, speed isn't always desirable. Just ask some of my exes.
  17. JWinAK

    Play authentic!!!

    Well, to be fair, if you're viral you probably shouldn't be licking stuff.
  18. JWinAK

    Play authentic!!!

    Totally gonna start licking guitars in shops to see if they have that authentic taste. I'm pretty sure I'm current on all my vaccines so it should be okay.
  19. JWinAK

    New Family Photo - Wall of Brazilians

    Truly awesome! Love the stained poplar. If you're still working through the setup, I'd suggest finding a new spot for the Tele currently between the acoustics and then lowering the spruce-topped one so its waist is level with the lower bout of the other. It would keep that smaller space from...

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