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  1. Nicky

    ***SOLD*** Neunaber Expanse Series Pedal and ExP Controller

    For sale is a mint Neunaber Expanse Pedal with companion foot control switch. The skin on the pedal is for the Wet Stereo Reverb. However, the Expanse pedal is actually SEVEN different pedals. Using Neunaber's Expanse Software, you can download and install any one of these pedals into the...
  2. Nicky

    ***SOLD***Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay $250.00

    ***SOLD***Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay, about a year old, box, manual, power supply. $250.00 shipped CONUS.
  3. Nicky

    New Vintage Mic Day x 2

    I am always a sucker for cool, older microphones that critics say still have great mojo. I was interested in enhancing my inventory of acoustic instrument microphones (guitar, piano, drums, winds), and read some articles about the 1970s-90s era AKG C451E. I found a pair for a good price, and...
  4. Nicky

    Fender Elite Telecaster

    Just got one today. The neck feels better, to me, than the American Deluxe Telecaster. The latest iteration of Fender Noiseless PUs (4th Gen.) sound very articulate, and the S1 switch is clever (toggle between serial and parallel when switch is in middle position). Build is very solid, great...
  5. Nicky

    ***SOLD***2001 Les Paul Standard * Reduced Price

    SOLD All original 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Heritage Cherry Sunburst, but really looks like a plain top. Showing only very light signs of being played with great frets, C-shaped 50s neck, big sound, ultra cool looking with no breaks or repairs. Comes with the ubiquitous brown Gibson...
  6. Nicky

    Calrec Syndrome

    Just acquired these off EBay, a couple of CM-652 small diaphragm condenser mics. I blame Yeti and FreddyG for my new found affliction for vintage microphones. :mad2: These old Calrecs require tuchel connectors, a modified XLR that screws on to the mic, and a wiring mod to use phantom...
  7. Nicky

    Storage Wars Find!

    Bought an abandoned storage unit today. This was in there. It fires up, and all channels receive power input. Will connect a mic to each of the 24 preamps tomorrow (if stupid family stuff doesn't get in the way :rolleyes:). Not sure what I'm going to do with it, even if it works. I'd have...
  8. Nicky

    FT: Focusrite 18i20

    My 1st Generation version Focusrite 18i20 for your______? About 4 years old, works perfectly. Manual and drivers can be downloaded HERE . USB cable and IEC power cord included. I'll give you my authorization codes for Ableton Live Lite, Scarlett Plug-in Suite (RTAS/AU/VST), Red Plug-in...
  9. Nicky

    Happy Christmas And Other Holidays!

    Happy Holidays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Karamu and New Years!
  10. Nicky

    Chicago Concert Tonight!

    They knocked it out of the park! Still great!
  11. Nicky

    Single Pack Viagra

    Why not take the whole bottle with you on vacation? :wtf:
  12. Nicky

    New Old LP Standard

    2001 Les Paul Standard! I have always wanted a nice plain top Cherryburst LP. 50's rounded profile neck and stock 490R/498T pick-ups. It's been babied, for sure - super fine condition.
  13. Nicky

    Neumann U47 and Similar Mics

    Here's an analysis and demo of the venerable U47 and its many (good) imitators.
  14. Nicky

    Mic Shootout On Premier Guitar

    Excellent article that demonstrates a bunch of classic and modern microphones.
  15. Nicky

    Patch Bay Ordeal - Happy Ending

    Over the past couple of years, I have been upgrading my DAW, mics, preamps, etc. I did a lot of research, and through trial and error, have learned how to do more advanced recording. Logistically, the physical configuration of the hardware had become unwieldy - cables, patch cords, power...
  16. Nicky

    Neunaber Expanse Pedals

    I just got one of these, because I read great things about the reverb capabilities. To my surprise, I discovered that I did not buy one pedal, but four! The pedal is programmable using Neunaber's Expanse software. When you buy the latest Expanse series pedal, you choose the skin you want -...
  17. Nicky

    Golden Age Project COMP-54 MK2 Compressor

    Two items for sale (or trade, maybe): Eventide Timefactor - hugely versatile delay pedal updated to latest firmware. Includes a T1M auxiliary footswitch, box, manual, power supply. $235 ***SOLD*** I'll throw in Nicky's famous white socks as a bonus (ask Harmony about them if you don't know...
  18. Nicky

    NLPD (New Large Pedal Day)

    Fulltone had a sale today for B-Stock pedals. I had been jonesing for a real tape delay for years, so I ordered one at a nice discount (includes full warranty:)). Anyone here have any experience with the Fulltone Tape units? My Eventide Time Factor (with a T1M Aux Switch included) is...
  19. Nicky

    HOT-BRIT * Update About Our Friend

    As many of you know, Hot-Brit was compelled to sell off all of his extensive and beloved music gear collection for personal reasons. This led him to move out of the country to start over. Things did not go well. I won't share the details here, but I will tell you that his family issues...
  20. Nicky

    FS: Jetter GS-124 and Digitech Jam Man Solo

    The GS-124 is a Dumble-like overdrive circuit. These were made exclusively for Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville, where I bought it two years ago. Includes box - $165 shipped CONUS Also, I have a fun little Jam Man...

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