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  1. devin dude

    New Sub - Forum Needed

    Called the "Feeble Minded Fodder Forum" Mainly used for the folks here who post useless crap about their day to day life that NO other member really gives a rats ass about This includes many topics , add yours below... Personally sick of seeing this type of post/thread , no one cares , get...
  2. devin dude

    Ideal Endlessness

    Place a Loop Gate between a Vibrophase & Instant Lo Fi Junky & all ur non - related health conditions will disappear ,IMO,OMMV.
  3. devin dude

    Tone =

    Power section & speakers: Fryette Valvulator into 1970 Marshall 4x12 with H30's bass cones. Guitar is a MIM 50's vintage strat. Now the fun part , add Zevx , Box of Metal into an Instant Lo-Fi Junky run through Zvex Loop Gate & your into getting into some serious mind bending stuff , IMO, OMMV.
  4. devin dude

    Christina Cindrich

    Host of AWE , Private Islands is super hot ... Someone w more "know how" than me , please post a photo ?... Wow...
  5. devin dude

    Fryette Valvulator

    My old VHT Pittbull finally bit the dust after 23 years , great amp. Don't need the volume anymore , because I'm just using my amp at very low , bedroom volume. Like to use my old Marshall 4X12 however. This thing at 1 watt will power a cab at low volume , which is what I'm looking for as...
  6. devin dude

    Grateful Dead ...

    One of the greatest to perform from the late 60's to present day... You mat not dig them , but must respect the accomplishments, IMO , YMMV.
  7. devin dude

    John Mayer ,GFD..

    Huge long time fan of the GF... Listening to his contributions has been nothing less than astounding , the best .... Huge props for keeping spirit alive.
  8. devin dude

    LP Custom.

    Might not be the right Forum, sorry. Question , In the Musician's Friend they advertise a LP Custom with two pup's ... They say a "Richlite fingerboard gives it a bright attack". WTF is a Richlite finger board? Thought LP Custom guitars came with ebony boards? These guitars have a MAP price...
  9. devin dude

    New Kittens....

    Was walking the dog around the outside of the house and she found three new born kittens in the bushes by the house next door. The mother was with them, but I just got home from work and there're all alone now. Their eyes are barley open and are very cute to say the least. Sorry , i don't have...
  10. devin dude


    Started a new job just this month. Studied for a year and am so happy just to have a new outlook. Went into work today and found out I made mistake of the worst kind. It could have resulted in the possible death or serious harm of another human being. Even though no bad outcome was the result...
  11. devin dude

    What Happened to the Fender Factory 1959 Video?

    Was it moved? Can't seem to find it today. Just wanted to see it again. :thumb:
  12. devin dude

    Life Happens......

    We all go through changes in our lives. My mum called me tonight to see how I was feeling after some minor dental issues. At the end of the call she told me about my uncle in-law Pat Waldron. Even though my mothers sister divorced him years back he was always a gentleman and fellow guitar...
  13. devin dude

    hello form devin dude.

    Great place. Will be buying a Les Paul soon. Just have to decide what one. :thumb:

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