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  1. RAG7890

    Do you feed your dog...

    I should also add that my Dog's Coat is like Silk. Everyone that has patted his Coat remarks on how smooth & silky it is compared to their or other Dogs...............even those way younger. Cannot emphasize the benefits of Sardines enough when it comes to Dogs, great for their Coat & their...
  2. RAG7890

    Do you feed your dog...

    ................anytime. :thumbs: He also LOVES Bananas...............he's a Ninja Warrior when it comes to Bananas. I could be in the next State & he'd just know. LMAO. Good luck with the Dry Food, hope it works for you. I didn't mention but I always add a little lukewarm water to his...
  3. RAG7890

    Do you feed your dog...

    Just went & took a few pics of the Bag Mark, front & back. This is what out Breeder always uses & she's a gun with ~ 40 years of breeding behind her. Seems to work really well so we have not changed things. Cheers, Rudi
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    Do you feed your dog...

    Breakfast: - Tablespoon of Oats Diced Banana or half an Apple Tablespoon of plain Natural Greek Yoghurt Half a Cup of Holistic Select Dinner: - Tablespoon of Oats 3/4 - 1 Cup of Holistic Select (depends on the time of year & temps, Winter is a little more & Summer is a little less) Can of...
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    Chuc Mung Nam Moi

    Thanks Don, same to you & your Missus. Chuc Mung Nam Moi Cheers, Rudi (a Rat)
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    The reality of environmental "science"

    How many people on this Forum have actually been involved in Scientific Trials / Reviews / Clinical Trials etc.? Just curious because a lot of members seem to have a thorough understanding of what actually goes on these days. :cheers2:
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    The 1950s Left Handed Les Pauls; Lefty Elmo's Archives

    :thumbs: :applause::applause::applause::applause: Great pics LE, thanks for posting. How is that Piano restoration project going...............all done? Cheers, Rudi
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    Horror-show lunacy

    Am I correct in thinking you guys are running out of Jail Cells? :cheers2:
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    Pennsylvania - Reprehensible Behaviour of Young Deer "Hunters"

    Any updates on these two sad excuses for human beings? :cheers2:
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    Australian Bush Fire Update

    Some more sad news guys, with a C130 going down: - Photo: Left to right) Captain Ian McBeth, first officer Paul Hudson and flight engineer Rick DeMorgan Jr died in the crash. RIP to these...
  11. RAG7890

    The reality of environmental "science"

  12. RAG7890

    The reality of environmental "science"

    If the World put the same amount of energy in to solving problems, as both sides of the Environmental argument put in to trying to debunk each other or make $hit up...................we'd be in a much better space. What a waste of 7ucking time & effort. But people being people means we're not...
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    Man beats woman, again

    7ucking nuts IMHO! What a crazy ass World we live in. :cheers2:
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    Gravitational waves hit earth idea where they came from....

    .....................yeah, it sucks! :cheers2:
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    2020 R9s are in.

    Some awesome Guitars here too: - :cheers2:
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    jokes & funnies.

  17. RAG7890

    I'm renaming Vic "The Punnisher".

  18. RAG7890

    60th Anniversary Aged Lemon NGD

    ..........stick around Andy, there’s yet another Thread. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Cheers, Rudi.
  19. RAG7890

    19LPR8VOSNH1 Comming Soon............To a Gearhead you know.....

    :shock:...........another Gibson sticker on the PG! HNGD Vic, enjoy in good health........without the sticker. ;) Cheers, Rudi.