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  1. Roxy13

    Is there a way to ID a pickup magnet?

    I've been wondering this for some time based on 2 sets of pickups I have that I can't 100% confirm the model of. What would a guass meter tell me about them? Is there any other way? Yesterday I dissected this pickup from a 1982 Greco. I've learned this much: it is in fact a Maxon from 1982 on...
  2. Roxy13

    My Turn...ID these pickups

    I have a new one for you. I pulled these out of a March 1982 built Greco, that I believe is an EGC 68-50. It is a transitional model that has nibs, short tenon, Mint Collection flower pot inlay and MC shaped TRC. The TRC does say on it Super Power Custom though. So that makes me feel this has...
  3. Roxy13

    Need some measurements Edwards singlecuts

    Hi, if anyone can do me a favor, I would like some measurements on pickup rings and pickguard for a project guitar I just bought. On the pickup rings: Exterior length and width Distance center to center between the mounting screw holes in both directions On the pickguard: Distance between...
  4. Roxy13

    Ovation Celebrity Deluxe CS-257

    In the hard to find plumburst color, made in Korea. I'm not the original owner but it was near new when I bought it 15 years ago. Frets in excellent condition with no dings, action is a tad high at the 12th fret, rosewood fretboard is dark and gorgeous, fast, nice playing neck. Nice electronics...
  5. Roxy13

    So I have the itch to build a guitar...

    And the one I'd like most for my collection would be a P90 singlecut. However, I don't have a large jointer, planer or bandsaw and I don't really have the room either for them right now. Is it even possible to do a good job without those tools?
  6. Roxy13

    Questions about out of phase pickups

    I have a 3 pickup singlecut custom that I'm planning to rewire. I've done this on my 3 pickup SG where I used the neck tone pot to be a volume push/pull for the middle pickup to be brought in at any time for more options. This time though I would like to keep the middle and bridge out of phase...
  7. Roxy13

    Can anyone ID this Greco model?

    Hi, I'm trying to help a friend find a nice looking MIJ singlecut that is on the lighter side weight wise and has a neck closer to a slim taper. I found this Greco, but I have no idea what model it is. Open O so I guess Mint Collection with a changed TRC. But, that is definitely not the model...
  8. Roxy13

    What is this SG?

    I have some thoughts on it, but I want to hear what the rest of you think. Seller says it's a special run of 400 from 2011.
  9. Roxy13

    Incoming NGD

    I bought a violin sunburst 1982 Greco 68-50 (I'm pretty sure it's the 500 model) a few weeks ago. I had left in Japan for awhile in case I found a fun project to work on to ship along with it, but at this point I probably shouldn't buy any more guitars until I sell a few, so he's on his way home...
  10. Roxy13

    SOLD Please Delete

    Sold, please delete.
  11. Roxy13

    Greco Semihollow

    Ok, my Greco showed up at the warehouse this morning so here is a pic. Wrong thread for it, but it was where I mentioned it.
  12. Roxy13

    Does anyone have expertise on 70s MIJ Burnys?

    I have a 1977 Burny FSG 75. A few years ago I found an old for sale listing of one in Japan that said it was built by Terrada, and that is all the information I have ever found for it. A few days ago I found an ebay listing for a '76 version in Japan that says that one is built by Tokai. Now...
  13. Roxy13

    Nut slots and intonation

    I was playing my Tokai husk the other night, the one I completed, and for some reason I just started checking all my intonation up and down the neck. I realized that my treble e and b strings were bang on, even up by the nut, but my other 4 strings were just 1-2 bars sharp on fretted notes in...
  14. Roxy13

    The Tokai husk finished

    Ok, finally got a few decent pics of it today although I don't want to shrink them all down to fit on the forum. But, here is one. From top to bottom: Gotoh SG381-04 tuners Plain truss rod cover Sigil vintage Chicago 68 Bluesman pickups Creamtone tall rings and wide beveled pickguard PTL US...
  15. Roxy13

    Repair area of missing finish on poly guitar

    I did post this in Greg's thread after reading the entire thing last night and this morning and taking notes. What a wealth of into! I just have the impression that the thread is no longer active so it wouldn't hurt to ask again here. This is a MIJ guitar with a thin poly finish. The previous...
  16. Roxy13

    Can a pickup be transferred to a new baseplate?

    I bought some used pickups and it turns out on one of them someone drilled out the holes for the height adjustment screws on the baseplate and then soldered the height screws to it. Obviously I refuse to use this as it is. The hole is so large I can't even tap it for a 3mm screw and that is...
  17. Roxy13

    S. Rock broke his leg

    On the fourth of July. He is in extended care and will be for a few more weeks. He wanted me to let everyone know. Best wishes and positive thoughts for his recovery.
  18. Roxy13

    PSA MF SDOTH Les Paul Studio

    Heads up in case this interests you.
  19. Roxy13

    How hard would it be to repair this neck joint (looks like it needs a reset)?

    I'm considering this guitar as it's a high end MIJ 335 replica. It might be a nitro finish, but it's possible it's poly. I definitely see gaps where it looks like the neck has separated from the joint. I've never dealt with one like this before.
  20. Roxy13

    Help! Wiring snafu

    A continuation of my thread on my es-175 replica. The lead for the bridge pickup was really short and was hindering my ability to get the harness in as there was no leeway at all for it. So I decided to splice a piece in. However before I did that I tested both pickups at the volume pots and...