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  1. sonar

    Carbon Copy Mini?

    What do people think about the new Carbon Copy Mini? More specific, how does it compare to the original? I'm a big fan of the original, recently putting it back on my boards after collecting dust for a few years in the gear closet. I like the dark tone and how it sits in the mix. I'm also...
  2. sonar

    eBay can certainly bring the dumb. This is beyond ridiculous. There was a reasonably...
  3. sonar

    Xotic EP Booster

    "DANG!" I didn't think it would be this good of a pedal. Very impressed.
  4. sonar

    2005-2008 Standard Faded Post Pics!

    How are they holding up? First owner, Second?, ??? Mods? Pickups? Did I mention pics? Mine's an '08 bought new. The 'burst wasn't very pronounced to begin with and started to fade almost immediately. Thought I'd maybe go Reissue at some point, but this guitar still gives me the goods after...
  5. sonar

    Lost that pedal gas feeling...

    I've always had to curb my gas toward pedals. They have always been the fun side of guitar for me. "I'm done" was never a goal or even issue, as there was always something else cool to play, but lately (especially after this year's NAMM) I haven't really been excited about any pedal. (The...
  6. sonar

    Custom Comp & Xotic SP Comp Comparison

    I played around with my new SP last night and pulled out the Custom Comp to compare. The SP is more transparent, less noisy, has the toggle switch to adjust what frequencies you want to shave and the dip switches are easier to adjust than the internal mini trim pots on the Custom Comp. It'll...
  7. sonar

    Zvex Fuzzolo...

    is a blast to play! Big Muff players who crave the Russian style are really going to like the pedal counter-clockwise. Warm and wooly goodness, but without the out-of-control, freight train compression the old Civil Wars produce. Dare I say, a little more refined of a warm fuzz. It's best for...
  8. sonar

    How are the Vexter pedals?

    I've owned a few Zvex pedals over the years and was thinking about the Box of Rock or Distortion, but I'm over paying $250 for a pedal unless it's a really special effect. So how are they?
  9. sonar

    BYOC Super8 Programmable Looper?

    Anybody own one? Built one? Know anything good or bad about them?
  10. sonar

    NVGD 1954 Supro Spectator

    I thought this was a cool amp to show off and a little different from the standard humbucker-fuelled amps we see around the Squawk... 1954 Supro Spectator (And a '54 Harmony H62 with Gibson made P13 pickups for the Jump/Swing and West Coast/early Chicago Blues enthusiast. Great guitar, but...
  11. sonar

    Pedaltrain Nano and Voodoo Lab ISO5

    I love the old PT Nano boards. The idea of keeping it simple and building a board for a purpose appealed to me after years of using a large board meant for everything. The big problem was noise with the band board. A decent wall wart is fine for the house, but adding it into a rehearsal space...
  12. sonar

    NBD - 6g15

    A fun and quick end of summer project. Mostly sourced parts (partial tag board/electronics kit to save a few bucks), so assuming I missed something. Cabinet from the wonderfully talented John Mergili.
  13. sonar

    Not a pedal, but the Cooperstand Pro-G is pretty great.

    Didn't know where to put this, and the effects forum is the closest I'll ever get to an accessory page, sooo... for around the house it's pretty great.
  14. sonar


    Bassman head that is. A good Craigslist deal can happen once in awhile. Drip edge AB165 making nice with my Drip edge Vibrolux. Not a closet queen, but internally all the important bits are there. Plan on restoring her to "mostly" stock wiring.
  15. sonar

    NPD or as some of like to call it...

  16. sonar

    Analog Delay Lovefest fading?

    Has it run its course? Are there too many AD's out there? Has digital emulation finally made AD's obsolete? Or are you just bored with the whole thing? Long story short - Analog Delay pedals were few and far between for two thirds of my guitar playing life. With a few exceptions, from...
  17. sonar

    Vintage Analog Delay Repair?

    My AD9 had been sounding weak over the past few months and finally the delay kind of just, "went away." I love the old Ibanez delay boxes and this particular pedal has some sentimental value to me. Any recommendations?
  18. sonar

    Mojo 5E3 kits on Sale for Xmas

    Tweed Deluxe Style Amplifier Kit Complete $599 w/free shipping. Great deal for a first amp project. Only slightly more involved than a Tweed Champ build and infinitely more useable as a finished amp.
  19. sonar

    Does the '57 Junior specs change yearly like the R#'s?

    Seems like every year the CS likes to change things up with the R# Standards. Does the Junior get the same changes, like the removal of the truss rod condom, hide glue or whatever the current recipe includes/excludes?
  20. sonar

    Fret Sprout

    A couple guitars me and my bandmates keep at the rehearsal spot have developed fret sprout. (its been a rough winter for some of us, same with some of our guitars.) Anyway, How have you dealt with fret sprout?

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