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  1. DotStudio

    What are you doing tonight?

    Corporate finance and marketing homework.
  2. DotStudio

    Fun crazy facts

    Happens more often than not lately.
  3. DotStudio

    Greta's real father?

    They both look so thrilled. Haven't seen Al in years. Father time is catching up.
  4. DotStudio

    Another Kind of MeToo...

    I too am passionate about small bottles of mint scented shampoo.
  5. DotStudio

    Tesla Wins, GM is Doomed!

    Just throw it in Yucca Mountain with the nukes.
  6. DotStudio

    two questions

    I for some reason don't get any ads whatsoever. And you're telling me this site consists of something other than the Backstage?
  7. DotStudio

    Nobody can diss Kirk Hammett anymore........

    I always liked his playing, just wasn't a fan of his lead tone.
  8. DotStudio

    Monosodium Glutamate Isn’t Bad For You, Unless You’re Racist

    A hypothesis worth testing.
  9. DotStudio


    Really holding it together for 49.
  10. DotStudio

    Some people are disgusting

    Yeah, disgusting. More importantly, what's a VIP?
  11. DotStudio

    My Ferrari Arrived Today

  12. DotStudio

    And another thing. All these puns....

    Your arms aren't quite as toothpick-esque. Good show nonetheless. :yesway: Pun.
  13. DotStudio

    Here’s an idea: Let’s Get Rid of Safety Inspections

    When I moved to MI from PA I was stoked to find out that there were no inspections, until i realized that yearly registration is double the price here. The state still wins.
  14. DotStudio

    Rick Nielsens new 59 LP

  15. DotStudio

    Sellers Rant ! Idiot buyers with stupid questions !

    I just answer the questions. I really don't care how dumb someone is, just that they have the proper amount of currency. If I got all riled up regarding reading comprehension skills, MLP would be unbearable.
  16. DotStudio

    Rock n Roll HOF latest blunder

    It's the popular music HOF and it has been for some time. Letting certain folks in and keeping others out rustles people's jimmies and keeps the HOF in the news. Keeping big names out (Priest) ensures they have big performances for years to come. No one is getting snubbed, they're just trying to...
  17. DotStudio

    YouTube TV...anyone have it???

    Me too. Ditched DirecTV when I realized Big 10 Network was on Hulu.
  18. DotStudio

    Why the Tesla Model Y will be the best selling "new" SUV of 2020.

    I don't even think it currently is, let alone always. I believe the Rav-4 has outsold it the last few years.

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