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  1. emerald81

    Real or Fake?? Please help.

    Hi, that's original. No fake, nothing wrong. All correct.
  2. emerald81

    NGD 2003 LP Classic Ebony and Gold

    Nice one! Congrats and rock on.
  3. emerald81

    9 0636 Pictorial

    Deleted pics...! :hmm:
  4. emerald81

    LP Classic Question

    All correct, nothing wrong. First year of classic model I think, nice guitar. The new classic its not the same like the old classic guitars, different mojo, no 'vintage correct' like the early models. I would choose this over any new les paul, no doubts. Not so much early 90s les pauls around...
  5. emerald81

    NGD 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Unburst

    AAAAAAAAAA Crazy!!!
  6. emerald81

    1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom - No Serial #

    Congrats! killer custom. Nice color.
  7. emerald81

    Famous Plain Top Burst Players

    Bonamassa 59 magellan.
  8. emerald81

    Famous Plain Top Burst Players

    A little bit plaintop
  9. emerald81

    NGD: 2000 Classic Plus

  10. emerald81

    1960 Brazilian Les Paul - Golden Poppy Burst PHOTOFEST

    Nice pics! Love that guitar, stunning woods...
  11. emerald81

    Upgrades on 2016 R8

    Great job, love that aged vibe. And tobacco burst its beauty. Good data because I need to age some new hardware in a 14 years old les paul now. Thanks.
  12. emerald81

    Not quite sure what I got, or what mods it has, LP Classic

    TA meaning I think is for Trans Amber. Its like in between lemon/orange burst. AND -lpcs- maybe is les paul classic standard. Mics probably 496r and 500t like you said. Ceramic. All data looks correct. I love that color, post a pic.
  13. emerald81

    The Let's See Your Classic Thread

    Bump! 2005...
  14. emerald81

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 2019 60's (Unburst Finish/Flamey :)

    The new line come s super killer I see. Congrats.
  15. emerald81

    inlay issue. LP Traditional

    Oh, at least easy fix. Probably poor glue from factory. Good luck.
  16. emerald81

    Lady Gaga.....holy %#^&@!

    She has a good vocal but I like more when she sing pop music. Now shes done and do wherever she want in other styles.