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  1. joff

    50's / 60 Black Beauty mahogany bodies...

    ...were they one-piece, two-piece or even multiple-piece mahogany bodies?
  2. joff

    Post Your Telecasters! Here's Mine...

  3. joff

    Royal Wedding NGD...2008 Jimmy Page Custom only seemed appropriate for the occasion...i'll be picking it up next week...9.6 lbs. :naughty:
  4. joff

    Any TS808HW love out there?

    Any of you guys tried out, owned or still own a TS808HW? I have not tried one out yet...but i have noticed that no-one seems to mention anything about it on threads asking for OD buying advice. All thoughts about it are welcome! :)
  5. joff

    Art & Historic hardcase...look legit?

    Hey guys, just want to check with you...does this case look real? If so, from what year might it be with that style TKL badge? Thanks in advance, joff
  6. joff

    20th Anniversary Murphy bursts all over the clean sheets...

    ...the wifes' gonna go mad!!! :)
  7. joff

    SCAMMER EBAY LISTING...MY 2013 20th Anniversary Murphyburst R9!!!

    I have just spotted my 2013 20th Anniversary Murphyburst R9 on Ebay UK for £2,999!!! It is a SCAM and i have reported the item to Ebay...but please report the item too just to make sure that the listing is deleted ASAP! Thank you. joff :hmm: Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop | eBay
  8. joff

    FS: Gibson Custom Shop 2013 20th Anniversary Murphyburst 1959 Les Paul Reissue in UK

    I am selling a Gibson Custom Shop 2013 20th Anniversary Murphyburst 1959 Les Paul Reissue in the UK. I thought that this R9 was sold but due to a sudden change in circumstances the buyer has had to pull this beauty is up for grabs again. This absolutely gorgeous 2013 R9 is one of...
  9. joff

    FS: 2013 VOS 20th Anniversary Murphyburst R9 in UK

    I am selling a 2013 VOS 20th Anniversary Murphyburst R9...a very tough decision indeed and one that i have been putting off! This is one of 100 made Worldwide to celebrate 20 years of the Custom Shop since 1993. Edwin Wilson (Custom Shop Boss) and Tom Murphy worked together on this run. They...
  10. joff

    Small indentations in R9 nitro top?

    I've been looking at a new 2013 R9...there are a few small indentations in the nitro finished this normal? It looks like the nitro has sunk maybe? The attached photo shows one of them...i wondered why it has happened? You can see a small indentation on the edge of the lamp reflection...
  11. joff

    NGD...Murphy Burst

    I had my Murphy Burst delivered a couple of days ago...I am extremely pleased with it...very resonant...really comfortable neck profile...a nice weight at 8.75 lbs...I am attaching the dealers photos and then some that I just took in my home...sorry about the quality of my pics! Ennnjoooyyy!!! :)
  12. joff

    Planet Waves Humidipak...still problems?

    I know that there were problems with the original Planet Waves Humidipaks a few years ago leaking...and then their replacement version staining the inside of cases and in some cases damaging the finish on tuners...but are the latest Planet Waves Humidipaks now totally safe to use? Btw...i live...
  13. joff

    2004 R9 with 1 piece maple top...any info?

    Does anyone know a bit about them...and what on Earth is one worth? Did Gibson ever make any 1 piece maple top Les Pauls back in 1959?
  14. joff

    NGD...Joe Perry Signed & Aged #29

    Arrived on Thursday afternoon...the flame is just what i was hoping for...very loud accoustically and sounds awesome through my Mesa LSS...very comfy neck profile (a bit slimmer than what i expected)...nice dark rosewood fretboard...Tom Murphy has done a really great 'aging' job...weighs in at...
  15. joff

    Fender 57 Champ Reissue and EC Vibro Champ?

    I have the opportunity to get an extremely good deal on a new EC Vibro Champ...and i have been keeping an eye out for a nice 2nd hand 57 Champ Reissue but nothing seems to come up here in the UK/Europe...and i wondered what any of you who own either model think about them and how they compare? I...
  16. joff

    Old Guitar Day...Custom Shop NOS 62 Strat.

    I bought this guitar in July 2010...i did a NGD then but i only posted one photo of it which was taken by the i am now finally posting some better photos of it. The guitar is a Custom Shop NOS 62 Strat with John Cruz pickups, Alder body, 'no neck' profile (which means that the...
  17. joff

    Celestion 10" GOLD Alnico Speaker?

    I am thinking about buying a new 10" speaker for my HIWATT CUSTOM 7 is a 7W 'CLASS A' has the stock 10" Custom Fane 75W speaker at the moment which is Ceramic and is quite bright sounding...i fancy something with a bit more bottom end...the Celestion 10" GOLD Alnico speaker...
  18. joff

    NAD...Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special...Bubinga With Wicker Grille!

    I have just bought this 2nd hand 2009 Mesa Boogie Lonestar is made of solid Bubinga wood with a Wicker looks amazing and it is damb heavy! It is in superb condition...i don't think that the last owner used it because the power and footswitch cables look unused...
  19. joff

    A Valve Amp HT Fuse Question?

    If a valve amp has a HT Fuse of 250 mA to be used stamped on the rear it OK to use an HT Fuse of 315 mA or maybe 500 mA instead if the 250mA HT Fuse blows every now and again? Could it damage an amp? I have spoken to a couple of amp techs about this and one guy said that it would...
  20. joff

    Hiwatt Custom 7 Combo 'humming/buzzing'?

    I just bought an ex-display Hiwatt Custom 7 Class A Combo which was sent to me by a dealer in the UK...but it has a rather loud hum/buzz when turned 'on'? Standby mode you can only hear the very slight sound of the valves warming up if you listen at the back. It presently has 1 x EL84R...