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  1. TheWilly17

    2010 Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Limited Edition Daphne Blue

    I've lusted for this guitar since the day I saw this performance.
  2. TheWilly17

    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    If our CAD $ was better, I would be all over this!
  3. TheWilly17

    Tokai ls85vf

    Awesome guitar, I have had a couple. My only pet peeve, cheap looking plastic inlays.
  4. TheWilly17

    Ed Cheapo guitar giveaway/sale

    How is the Red Strat still here? I am in Canada, so after exchange and shipping cost the deal is lost, otherwise I would buy it.
  5. TheWilly17

    Acoustic amps

    Fishman knows their sheeit!
  6. TheWilly17

    History RH-LS?

    Gorgeous guitar! Too bad the need for a Gibson still infects some,,,keep the History.
  7. TheWilly17


    I was bold and actually asked Scott Russell what the deal was, said there many concerned forum members. His reply,,,,"Just switching warehouses, everyones guitars are fine, slowly shipping out" Alrighty then
  8. TheWilly17


    Quick! somebody message Scott!!
  9. TheWilly17

    10S Guitars

    I have also seen many reviews by folks that were not professional YouTuber's, and their 10S guitars were not the quality of the previously mentioned reviewers. What I am saying is, I think 10S is capable of producing a good guitar with attention to detail for you,,,,as long as you have a YT...
  10. TheWilly17


    Sweet deal, saw it on the Barrie Kijiji the other night,,,tempted
  11. TheWilly17

    Acoustic amps

    I have an early Fishman Performer Loudbox (the taller black one), amazing unit.
  12. TheWilly17

    A Rare Bird here..

  13. TheWilly17

    10S Guitars

    Ya they have definitely caught my interest as well. I was all for ordering a Strat style guitar from them, until I noticed the upper horn looked oddly like a,,,,,,,,,,well you check it out and you will see what I mean.
  14. TheWilly17

    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    You think you are going to get any help from the members here now? I would form some sort of an apology to the respected member you rudely insulted first.
  15. TheWilly17

    Tokai Ls122 GT... Opinions please

    I had a Black one, amazing guitar. My only complaint,,,super cheap looking fretboard inlays.
  16. TheWilly17

    WTB: Fender American Stratocaster ($750)

    Ya , once you open your search to MIJ, the possibilities will be endless
  17. TheWilly17

    Where's Phaez?

    Sold my Jackal,,,,regret it every day