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    Stolen/Reward Mesa Boogie Mark III Hardwood Stack

    Close, but no cigar in Indy. I'll keep looking.
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    McIntosh Stereo Rig

    Thanks. I'll look into that. I've been on Audio Karma forums for a couple of weeks. Lots to learn.
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    McIntosh Stereo Rig

    Cool stuff. I'm just starting.
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    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    Fair enough. I went back and read what I originally posted and most people after that were helpful, so I take back the whiners statement. And those who said sell it had good intentions, so I'll take back the FU as well. But I do remember reading thread either here or on the LPF where people...
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    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    Hey now, I only said FU, like FU Man Chu :laugh2:
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    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    Very nice.
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    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    I only did the Virtuoso clean and polish one time. I'll just leave it as is. I just got the idea because I bought some paint from StewMac for doing necks, and figured what the heck.
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    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    I don't know why I should post pictures to a bunch of whiners. You guys have no balls. I've read plenty of threads where a guy just used Deft clear lacquer with great results on Fadeds. Yes, it sports USA gold Grovers, zebra Rebel Yells under the covers. These were plain tops made for L&M. The...
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    SOLD - Fishman Fluence Modern loaded Carbon Fiber pickguard

    I love looking at this on multiple forums. Gorgeous, but I have no idea about the pickups and for most of my axes it would double what I have in them. If I had a 2008 Charvel Tangerine USA SoCal I think I would have to buy this.
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    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    i have an L&M 2012 Faded Les Paul. I hate faded Les Pauls, but this one cost me about $1000 shipped and has a killer vintage burst in lemon drop. I have done the Virtuoso clean and polish to get it somewhat shiny, but now I'm thinking of giving it a thin coat of aged clear lacquer I picked up...
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    >1 Les Paul: Why?

    7 Gibson LP's. All different IMO, I like variety. No single one is master.
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    Fingerboard Width

    Measure. I never noticed this myself going from RI's to standards and back again. But i suppose it is possible. Standard guitars get F-Spaced bridge pickups (depending on the guitar). So the slots in the bridge are spaced slightly wider. Possible they might make the neck slightly wider, or just...
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    NGD Les Paul Black Beauty

    Dunno? My 1977 LP Custom weighs exactly the same with 2 pickups.
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    NGD: 1997 Gibson Les Paul Elegant Firemist

    I liked the firemist when I saw one back in 1997. Too much $ at the time to purchase one.
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    Pedals: Real Vintage Whiteface Rat, New Fender Mirror Image Delay, H2O Chorus/Delay

    pm sent on the Rat. Payment sent for RAT. Thanks!
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    WTB ***** Looking for 1952 & Early 1953 Les Paul Goldtops with Trap Bridge ****

    I believe Jim lives in the northern 1/2 of Ohio. Please document the build. I love watching those threads.
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    Who has shaved a neck and can tell about the results?

    Scared? No one is scared of big necks. Big necks don't sound better and aren't any more stable. If you learned to read you would have seen in my first post that I've been dealing with this guitar since 2009. I don't see it getting any better. I don't love chunky necks and I frequently go back to...
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    Wow. Hope things get better for you.
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    Who has shaved a neck and can tell about the results?

    I'm in driving distance of Lay's or Joe G. My real concern is keeping the color the same. I love the color of the front and the back. I wish it was a harder finish, but I'd like to keep the color the same. I suck at taking pictures, but it looks a lot like this one...
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    FSOT: 2013 R0 $3199!!

    Where are you located?