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  1. Pop1655

    Text virus??

    I’m assuming this is a virus This looks to be one of the better looking ones I’ve seen. Anybody else seen a text virus?
  2. Pop1655

    I did it right the first time

    39 years ago today
  3. Pop1655

    One of my favorite nights of the year.

    This is the 9th year I've been invited to attend the Christmas awards banquet for the volunteer auxiliary at our regional medical center. This is one of those groups that renews your faith in humanity. This is a big group. The young ones are in their 70's. Most in their 80's. These are the folks...
  4. Pop1655

    Thinking about making a sign

    We talked about this recently. I had it happen again last night. Couple walks in with their two emotional support chihuahuas, complete with vests. Not trained, not well behaved at all. Grumpy owners. Can I put this on my door??? "If you can't eat a meal without your emotional support...
  5. Pop1655

    I'm not sure where it went

    .....but I'm glad it went somewhere
  6. Pop1655

    Standard Pro - no Plus Top??

    At some point did Standard Pro's all become Plus Tops?? I'm looking at a Standard Pro, coil tap, bound neck, no pup covers. What am I looking at? Same guitar, just a few years older? @paruwi you up??? :laugh2:
  7. Pop1655

    Can't print from Chrome help

    I pay a lot of business stuff online and print out the receipts. I also print out all the reports from my point of sale system after pulling them up on Chrome. Been doing this forever. All of a sudden, this morning I can't do it. Tried a bunch of stuff to no avail. Goggled it and turns out its a...
  8. Pop1655

    Oh my!!!

    You need to head down into the cellar and catch this. Great way to start a Sunday. Goodness!
  9. Pop1655

    Epi ES 175 models

    There's a 175 local I'm thinking about. Haven't seen it yet. Trying to get up to speed on the different models. It looks to be the re-issue, not the premium. Besides alnico vs 57's, what are the other differences? Are there other models? Which one was GC blowing out a few years ago that...
  10. Pop1655

    Rest up today

    That’s right. You better rest up today because Pop’s jumping on a jet and coming to see you tomorrow!
  11. Pop1655

    Dumpster fire

    So....somebody torched my recycle dumpster last night. It’s toast! Always heard that term, now I know what it means.
  12. Pop1655

    No, but I slept in a Holiday Inn last night.

    I thought this was extremely cool, innovative thinking. I've got a regular customer that retired here a long time ago in a nice senior's subdivision. Wife died, sold the house, checked out all the assisted living complexes. After checking em all out, seeing what they were like and adding up...
  13. Pop1655


    New grand baby day! #6 Rosalie Jane 8 lb 12 oz 19 1/4” Got here 11:33 this morning. Newest member of my Atlanta crew
  14. Pop1655

    I brought cake

    Today looks to be my 5th anniversary on MLP, so I brought y'all cake. The day marks two good things for me. I joined MLP the same time I pulled the guitar out from underneath the bed after taking a 30 year hiatus to raise kids and start a business. That's proven to be a really good move for me...
  15. Pop1655

    My turn at a tough day

    Too many of these lately. Today was my turn. This is a 14 yr old pic This morning, I let em go together. They’d never been apart. The big guy had gotten real bad, real fast. The little girl was only still around to keep him company. She had been in bad shape, but being smaller made it easier...
  16. Pop1655


    Instead of coming home to a ticker-tape parade, Korean War soldier Billy Joe Butler never received a reception — jubilant or otherwise. In fact, he never returned home at all. That changed this week. Butler was just 19 and serving as a U.S. Army corporal when he was captured by Chinese Communist...
  17. Pop1655

    Your data

    I know there's been several lengthy discussions here about data. Last week I was at a statewide conference where one of the general session keynotes was about the future of Google, Apple and Amazon and their respective moves into healthcare. The big 3 all see their role in healthcare as their...
  18. Pop1655

    Scratched an old itch this weekend

    Always had a hankering to try one. Managed to do some horse trading with a guy I’ve worked with several times and ended up loading up some B-Teamers and swapping for this. After 2 dates, she’s looking like she’s gonna be an A-Teamer. Really like her. ‘97 Ric 330
  19. Pop1655

    "Some guy on a guitar forum"

    A while back @mudface made a post about being into miniature die cast model cars. I had a box full in the storeroom. I asked if I could send em to him to try and do something with. I tried my best to set it up as an absolutely no pressure, no expectations deal. After some conversation, my last...
  20. Pop1655

    My advice to young guys playing out

    My advice to young guys playing out for the first time: Wear a fedora and a Hawaiian shirt Watching a little television. I had a couple of those PBS things recorded where maybe you get a little music in between DVD pledge pitches. The British Invasion. Sounded good. It's nothing but a bunch of...