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  1. TheWilly17


    Looking to sell a fantastic little amp here. This Princeton is absolutely mint and works perfectly. No footswitch or cover, any questions please feel free to ask! Looking for $685 USD plus shipping.
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    Just an honest to goodness lil Tele here. A few bumps and bruises, but no repairs or breaks anywhere. Just freshly setup and new 10's put on. Comes with Fender gig bag. Would like to see $675 plus shipping.
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    WTB Grover Locking Tuners!

    That's correct, anyone have a set they'd like to part with? Tks!
  4. TheWilly17

    2016 Standard with no nibs?

    Just picked up a 2016 Standard in Heritage Cherry, I was a little unsure of the authenticity of it because I never realized they made them without nibs. I had a friend of mine who manages a L&M verify the serial number and it checked out. So question is,,were the HP and T's nibless?
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    Anyone own a Soul Tramp?

    I am seriously considering a Rail Rider. I just want to hear some feedback from some ST owners. The itch is getting bad.
  7. TheWilly17

    NGD Bacchus BTE-54MJ/M (Still a single cut) [not really a single cut] Thanks Harold! The neck is huuuugggggeeee!!!
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    2017 Classic GT w/Bigsby, advice needed *FINISH QUESTION*

    I have always wanted a Goldtop, the Bigsby is just an added bonus. How do these 2017 Classic's stand up against the Trad's or Standard's? I was offered the GT as a straight up trade for a 2017 Taylor 414-CE-R, I believe cash value the Taylor is probably worth more, but the GT really intrigues me.
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    2010 LP Standard Plus AAA, are these good ones?

    Not well versed in the different models of Standards, how does the 2010 Standard Plus stack up against other years and non Plus models? This will be my first Standard.
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    HELP! EV ZLX12P Mic Volume Issues

    Just as the title says, I have to almost max the mic level to get sufficient/usable volume. I think everything is setup properly. Does anyone else have ZLX speakers? Looking for suggestions.
  11. TheWilly17

    FS: Wampler Tweed '57 Overdrive *NIB* $155 SHIPPED

    I have a brand new in the box Wampler Tweed '57 Overdrive pedal, just no need for it. I will do $170 shipped w/PP. Below is my Reverb listing.
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    Better late than never NAD! Bad Cat Classic Deluxe!

    I've had this for a few weeks now. This is my second Bad Cat, amazing quality! This baby is loud and clean, will also breakup nicely anywhere past 12 o'clock. I cannot recommend this company enough, John is the most amazing fella you could ever deal with. Pardon the sub par playing, I am no pro...
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    FS: Okko Diablo *BRAND NEW*

    Here is a brand spanking new Okko Diablo (removed from box for pics). This is a killer low to med gain overdrive. These are built in Germany and have been made famous by Gregor Hilden via his youtube demos. Looking for $185 USD Shipped! PP preferred thank you.
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    FS: Bogner Harlow *MINT*

    This is one very cool pedal! It's a clean boost/compressor. Some really great demos on youtube if you don't know what it is and what it's capable of. This one is like new with the original box and paperwork. Looking for $155 USD plus shipping, PP preferred.
  15. TheWilly17

    NGD: 2016 Traditional Honey Burst *NEW PICS*

    I can't believe I did this, but I could not pass this deal at a local L&M. The top on this is mesmerizing, so much grain and flame depending on the angle.
  16. TheWilly17

    Soldano 44 1x12 Combo

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these, anybody have any first hand experience with them?
  17. TheWilly17

    FS:*2007 Guild D-40 Bluegrass Jubilee*

    This one is perfectly mint and sounds beautiful! Built in the Tacoma, Washington USA factory. Solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, grover tuners and OHSC! $1100 plus actual shipping.
  18. TheWilly17

    NAD:Bad Cat Classic Deluxe-Custom Shop

    Just picked this up last week in a trade. It is a 2013 Classic Deluxe Custom Shop. It has the bigger cab, half power switch, effects loop (not standard that year) and an extra grille in gold weave. The fella that bought this new was a collector not a player, it might have ten hours on it, and it...
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    FS-Boss FRV-1 *Like new*

    This pedal is basically brand new. Comes with original box and all paperwork and the extra back plate (to apply velcro to). $120 shipped and pp'd!
  20. TheWilly17

    FS:Alexander James Ethos-Custom Build

    It's a sad day for sure having to put this on the block. I will not get into details, but a decision had to be made to sell some gear, this one unfortunately had to be the one to go first. This is a complete custom build from the ground up, luthier Alex James is a true artist and craftsman. Here...