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  1. TheKat

    Les Paul Body Thickness - Which are thicker than the Standard?

    I found out that there are numerous threads about thickness issues - way too many in fact. But I didn't find one that answers my questions. I also know that LP Studios are thinner than LP Standards. But I found photos that suggest that certain LPs are even thicker than a standard - for...
  2. TheKat

    Switchable tone pots?

    Hello friends, has anybody tried to make the tone potis switchable in addition to the 50's wiring? What I mean is: even when tone is fully set to bright, there is still a connection via (the capacitor and) the 500 kOhm resistor to ground. Breaking that connection should have noticeable effect...
  3. TheKat

    Epiphone Les Paul Trussrod Problem

    Hello friends, I'm desperately in need of some advice. I bought a used Epiphone, and it came to me like this (I removed the nut myself to assess the damage, the photo is made while I applied a bit of pressure to the neck to open the crack) The seller offered me full refund / guitar back -...
  4. TheKat

    Daily Epi Sun / LP Times: SCANDAL!! German brutally dissects his new lady

    .... and he unrepentengly says: I just wanted to check her inner values, to see if it really is the sleazy 'ho I expected to pay for. Begin of story: On Saturday morning, my new Les Paul Standard...
  5. TheKat

    Epiphone Les Paul Ltd. Edition Buy

    Hi folks, I'm quite new to this forum. I've registered the same day I found it. Seems to be an awesome community here :applause:. You already helped me with the great infos provided. I'm from germany and missed a les paul guitar in my E-Guitar collection: so far, - Telecaster (NoCaster)...