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  1. nicolasrivera

    A digital and analog evening at the studio

    We had planed this gathering a few weeks ago and man was an amazing 6 hours of great tones. Had Axe Fx`s, FX8s, Headrush PB and analog and digital pedals and some of the best amps and cabs around. Everything sounded great, we had turns showcasing how we approach our gear and set up the rigs. We...
  2. nicolasrivera

    New Mike Burn 1959 Les Paul Video

  3. nicolasrivera

    1960 Les Paul Standard Johnny B.

  4. nicolasrivera

    Uncirculated 1958 Les Paul through a matching 50’s Les Paul GA-40 amp

    Hope the critics approve this one! Enjoy!:thumb:
  5. nicolasrivera

    1989 Epiphone Les Paul

    Just landed Yesterday on my hands this beauty that was for sale locally. Didn't new anything about it and found the open book headstock shape from that era a bit confusing, but got help from the FB Epiphone group that help me decide on the purchase and man what a great decision! Its very...
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    Enjoy :dude:
  7. nicolasrivera

    Killer ´59 Burst video!

    Pure Mojo!
  8. nicolasrivera

    Fractal AX8 FW 10.0 Beta has landed!!!
  9. nicolasrivera

    NAD Friedman Runt 50!

    Man, what an amazing amp. Got this on a killer deal for $1,150 from the Music Zoo store. It has the best clean channel as a pedal platform that i have ever tried, pedals i was going to sell sound glorious in this amp. The BE Channel is beautiful, full modded Marshall organic and dynamic...
  10. nicolasrivera

    Axe Fx II Vs Axe Fx III Demo

    What do you guys think? worth the upgrade at the moment?
  11. nicolasrivera

    New Suhr Aura Single Cut video

    Looks great!
  12. nicolasrivera

    The Beauty of the Bursts 2018 Historic Collection

    From the FB page: The Beauty of the's closer look at our 2018 Historic Collection '58/'59/'60 Les Paul Standard model colors. Available in Gloss and VOS (shown). Shipping to dealers now!
  13. nicolasrivera

    Barefoot Buttons on my board!

    Just wanted to share this buttons (Barefoot Buttons) that solved the issue that many pedals sport where the designer fits the foot switch at the same level as the knobs, for the life of me i cant understand why they do it, make me think they never test the pedals on a crowded board or they have...
  14. nicolasrivera

    Suhr Badger 18 vs Fractal Badger 18 Emulation

    Here a test video shot last night compering a Fractal amp to its real counterpart. Hope you enjoy. Preset included!
  15. nicolasrivera

    P-90´s Magic!

    1954 Gibson Les Paul, enjoy! :dude:
  16. nicolasrivera

    Duane Allman's 1957 Gibson new video!!!

  17. nicolasrivera


    Enjoy! :thumb:
  18. nicolasrivera

    Fractal used for Real Amp Design!!!

    Wanted to share something i find pretty amazing, an amp designer using Fractal to virtualy design a analog tube amp for production. I'm talking about the Carol Ann Triptik 2. here is what the designer said in a TGP thread: When I designed the Triptik 2 model, this was done in reverse. It was...
  19. nicolasrivera

    Incoming Suhr amp!!!

    Found a super deal on this one i just could not pass, super eager to play it! Suhr Badger 18 Cream.
  20. nicolasrivera

    Original '56 Goldtop & '58 'Burst demo