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  1. Nard

    25th Wedding Anniversary today.

    Champagne breakfast and relaxing in sunny Cyprus. Life’s good. :cheers2:
  2. Nard

    Like A Kid At Christmas

    My wife has bought me on of these for my birthday which is not until the 25th May. It arrived earlier than expected and is sitting there waiting to be unboxed. Can’t wait to get it up and running and do some recording with it.
  3. Nard

    Which Way Is Best

    I have re-jigged the way I connect to my laptop to record and I’m not sure if it’s the best method even though it seems to work ok. Instead if using an interface I’m going from a anologue mixer into the mic input on the laptop then back out to the mixer for playback. I’ve only bypassed the...
  4. Nard

    When Do I Stop?

    I’ve only been recording my own stuff using a DAW for just under a year now and I’m still learning a lot about how to get the best from it. Trouble is I keep going back to the first songs that I recorded and re- recording the guitars mainly but also adding keyboards or percussion. I’m usually...
  5. Nard

    Help With Reaper

    I thought this may be the best place to ask for advice on a problem that I can’t figure out. I have somehow lost the control panel on my screen layout and can’t get it back again. This is the part we’re the main record button sits with the track time and tempo etc (outlined in red below). Any...
  6. Nard


    How long does it usually take a track to process when you upload to SoundCloud? I’ve used it today for the first time and it seems to be taking a long time. Not sure if I’ve done something wrong so any input would be appreciated.
  7. Nard

    String Change With A Few Suprises

    Changed the things on my Les Paul today and thought that while the strings were off the covers on the pups can come off too. I was surprised to find them wired like this so not being any kind expert in these kind of things I left everything alone. Will the covers come off without any fuss or am...
  8. Nard

    My Little Girl Grew Up

    It happens to everyone who has kids I suppose. I helped my daughter move into her flat in London this weekend. She’s lived away before when she was at college but this is her moving away to work and living her own life. My wife was in tears all the way back home and it was emotional for me...
  9. Nard

    Got To Start Over Again

    Went away for the weekend and left my jacket on the train. The real pi$$er is my iPod was in one of the pockets and it contained the lyrics of about 30 song ideas that I’d written. I’ve recorded the music for most of them but because I’m a shit singer I never added the vocals and just kept them...
  10. Nard

    Life Altering Moment

    Sat at home Wednesday evening watching telly and start getting chest pains. As I’d just eaten I thought it was indigestion but when I started getting pains in both arms I knew it was more serious. My wife called an ambulance and at the hospital I was diagnosed as having a heart attack. A mild...
  11. Nard

    No Work Today

    Out in stick’s here and the roads are covered. Supposed to be on night shift but looks like a feet up and watch TV instead.
  12. Nard


    Is this done by using Start Convesation. I’m sure one time it just used to be Send PM. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Nard

    How To Get There

    This was posted on Facebook. I thought if anyone can add to it you lot can. Destination. How To Get There Georgia. Midnight Train Hell. Highway Heaven. Stairway Nowhere. Road Clarksville. Last Train Hotel California. Dark...
  14. Nard

    Reaper Problems

    Nothing major but a little annoying. I can't seem to find icons anymore when adding tracks to songs. When I click on Set Icon It opens up a file on my laptop and I can't find any compatible files. When I first used it a dialogue box within Reaper opened and it was straight forward. Also I...
  15. Nard

    Wall hangers question

    ive just been given a set of wall hangers for my guitars which I'm chuffed about but need some advice about how to fix them to the wall. The house I'm in is timber framed with a layer of brick on the outside. I'm a bit concerned about drilling into what is basically the house structure and also...
  16. Nard

    Do I use DAW or Multi track recorder?

    I use a Boss BR 80 to record my ideas and to me things sound ok. I'm not looking to produce a high quality demo or anything but I want the best I can get. The recorder came with Sonar LE 1X which I installed on my laptop but using it seems like a lot of work when the unit is a straight forward...
  17. Nard

    Jerico Guitars.

    This guitar came to my attention in a pop up ad and at first glance is exactly what I'd love to have as an alternative to a LP. Anyone here tried Jerico Guitars and can give a bit of insight? Apologies if this is the wrong place to post but I figured more people will read it here.
  18. Nard

    Finally did it.

    Last week we moved into the home of our dreams. Still busy sorting things but I'm hoping to get my music room up and running soon. I have a week off work coming up so I'll get to it then. Obviously I'll post some pics when the time comes. :D
  19. Nard

    Un-used Set List

    I started playing a few songs last night and realised I was going through the set list me and my old jamming mate put together years ago but it was never used as we couldn't find a drummer or bass player at the time. How many of you out there have been in a band that never gigged or you are like...
  20. Nard

    Bryan Adams Still Rocks.

    Saw him Sunday night in Liverpool and he was brilliant. I've never really appreciated just how good his guitarist Keith Scott is. The two of them played with loads of energy and looked like they were enjoying every second of it. Straight up rock and roll without any fancy gimmicks or...