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    Tele pickups

    Try some of duff buckaroos I just bought some
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    Rewind and OX4

    I had a set of rewind post72 jimmy page pickups in a sg i remember liking them but wanted a better looking sg so i gave it away. Ox4 i got 2 sets...the hot duanes which are great and the ox4 dutchburst in a es 175. Both sound really good lil darker like throbaks but in a good way.
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    Rewind and OX4

    Vip lovers are pretty damn good hrt thrm for sure. I got some in my 339.
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    Who's Using the VIP "Lover" Pickups?

    I have a set of VIP lovers in my es 339. They sound damn good. Very PAF in character for sure. Dont worry about the low DC reading these sound as big 7-9k DC humbuckers
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    Any budget alternative to the Rewind PAF-1?

    Why not just save up til you got the money to spend the 400? Or just wait til spmebody puts them up for sale if they do at all
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    Curtis Novak Pickups.

    I just installed a set of jaguar pickups of his in my jaguar. 6.2k and 6.8k DC ill let you all know how they sound when i get them from the tech. Curtis novak is THE man for offset guitars this the first i heard of somebody using his humbuckers
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    Vintage PAFs - Review and Sound Clip

    Good tone man....if.youre not making faces youre not loving what youre playing n youre not enjoying the tone. Dont aplogize for making guitar faces we all make them lol
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    Electric City RD-59/Revival alternatives

    Bill isnt winding anymore? Thats sad to hear i got 4 sets of pickups of his. 4 to 6 years later they still sound great.
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    ES-335s and the amps that love them

    As my name indicates i favor a tweed fender bassman. Mine is a LTD that i had hand wired with red n yellow jupiters n spragues mercury magnetic trannies n chokes and put a NOS 12ay7 or 6072A in the v1. The guys at Chicago music exchange where i bought it loved it. In my opinion a tweed bassman...
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    Epiphones Getting Gibson Headstock Designs Soon

    That headstock change will have ppl swearing theyre better. But if they can go back rosewood fretboards n change the headstock i think itll really destroy the chibson business & take bacl that market. With a epiphone you know what youre getting. A chibson is a gamble
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    WTB :Rocketfire total 60s pups

    I'm looking for a set of rocketfire total 60s stratocaster pickups. WITHOUT THE RWRP middle pickup. If anybody's selling them I'm in the market to get a set from you. Let me know thanks
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    Jazzmaster middle position sounds piercing and ice pick

    Don't have any... just played it now i think i need to spray the toggle switch because the bridge is low in volume and the neck n middle sound the same....i love this jazzmaster but it gives me so many problems lol
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    Struggling to like Montys PAF’s

    Monty PAFs along with kloppman & doyle tru coil are on my to do list of pickups to get
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    Throbak pickups question

    I have the sle-101s mt-102b and er custom i wouldnt sell them for nothing
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    What's your favorite higher output bridge PAF style pickup?

    Ox4 hot duanes.....really good
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    Most Desirable Runs of Historic R9 Les Pauls

    I say the 2003 w/Brazilian rosewood
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    Jazzmaster middle position sounds piercing and ice pick

    Ill see if that's the case n report back to you
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    Fender players who use all of the 5 pickup switches, what do you hear in them?

    My strats are all 3 way switches in fact i replaced them from the 5 way selector. I feel like when you got a 5 way most ppl just use the 2 and the 4 with a 3 way switch you use all 3.... But honestly yes i use all 5 positions...i been using the 1 2 and 3 mostly... the middle to me is the...
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    Shell Pink Player Strat

    Shell pink n shoreline gold with the rosewood neck are my two dream strats.... I'll probably have to make partscasters out of them to get one
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    63 klein epic series anybody got a set?

    I hear a ton on the 59s too hear nothing but good things about them