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    WTB :Rocketfire total 60s pups

    I'm looking for a set of rocketfire total 60s stratocaster pickups. WITHOUT THE RWRP middle pickup. If anybody's selling them I'm in the market to get a set from you. Let me know thanks
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    63 klein epic series anybody got a set?

    There's a ton of info on the jazzy cars... s5 & 7s even the 62s and so forth but little to know videos or reviews on the 63. Anybody got any experience with the 63 kleins? I feel like whateve year you pick you're getting a great set of pickups but I'm curious to the 63 set in particular case i...
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    Don mare super sports anybody got them?

    Just bought a set from a guy. Rave reviews on them but not many videos of them. Anybody own a set and if you do could share what they sound like to you?
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    Who makes 63 strat pickups?

    I'm working on a guitar i just bought and i got 62 heavy formvar for that bell tone deep rich mid heavy slab board and 64 plain enamel for that early Hendrix Robert Cray sound pickups. I now need something for the 63 tone which is kinda bb in the middle. Good bite of the 62 but also the punch...
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    Anybody got Vintage inspired pickup lovers PAF set?

    I've been listening and watching videos of this for at least a year and finally purchased it today. Saw jd Simo using them and considering his penchant for using only highly coveted vintage gear that was to me a good indicator that this was a great set of PAF replicas too have. Anybody have...
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    Fralin vs wolfetone vs lollar p90s

    Has anybody tried any of these p90s? I'm looking for something mean fat raunchy and got that midrange grind but great smooth tone in the neck and jangle in the middle. Which one of these do you think would give me that sound?
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    Short neck dogear P-90 for casino recommendations?

    anybody know of any companies that use short neck dogear p90s and if so what's your experience with them and the tone you got from them?. thanks.
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    middle position for pre-1967 telecaster

    Can you get the traditional middle position out of a pre 1967 fender telecaster without removing the dark cap in the neck position? Or would you have to have it rewired to get it?
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    Tailpieces for fender coronado

    Does anybody know of what tailpieces to buy for thhd Coronado modern player or other fenders with tailpieces? Cause a Gibson tailpiece won't fit will it?
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    Wide range humbucker suggestions

    I'm very familiar with what i want in PAF replicas cause I've played literally 30 PAF equipped guitars. But I've never played a true wide range humbucker guitar and I'm interested in getting a starcaster. Can you guys suggest any company's that will get me close to these tones? Thanks for...
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    pickup suggestion for a midrangey throaty rich strat tone?

    I'm looking for something that'll give me that 59 to 62 slab board tone. real deep.... real full. Bell tone highs with alot of heft. Real rich and midrangey. Thanks
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    Did p90s ever use short magnets?

    I'm asking because I've nerve seen a pickup winder offer short magnet p90 pickups. I wonder why that is? Anybody know?
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    Anybody use 8 bomb pickups?

    I'm surprised I haven't heard more guys talk about this dude. His pickups are killer I plan on buying some for a flying v in looking to purchase soon. sounds really tele like to me Here's one with him comparing his pickups to throbak.... both sound very damn good
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    Jazzmaster middle position sounds piercing and ice pick

    No matter how much i adjust the pickup heights i can't get that ice pick out out. Which is crazy cause the neck pickup and bridge aren't at all piercing but the middle position is. Tried to turn down the tone control still overly bright. I got a staytrem bridge on it 10-46 strings and I'm...
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    NPD arcane/echopark 1958 A pickup set review

    These pickups were directly copied from joe bonamassa 1958 Gibson flying v nicknamed amos. I heard a clip on YouTube of him playing them and bought them soon after. After spending some time with them, the best way to describe these pickups is to describe them as a term I've heard on videos but...
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    NPD Tyson tone 53 wraptail low wind review

    Greetings, So after waiting 2 months to get my guitar back. I've spent some time with my blonde es-5 and gave it new life with some Tyson tone pickups. I asked for 3 p90s with the bridge out of phase like the originals. The readings are neck 7k, 7.4k middle and 7.7k bridge. I was looking for...
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    Out of phase.... ish

    Maybe one of the winders can tell me. But what in the wind makes certain PAF pickups sound ALMOST out of phase? They're not out of phase but they sound like they're almost a hair away from being out of phase. It's a very airy type of tone. I notice it in mike Bloomfield burst i notice it in...
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    Arcane/echopark PAFs

    Anybody try or have any experience with them?
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    Ox4 1960 dutchburst ltd set

    Greetings, Gotta few questions about this set. Apparently this ox4 set is sold exclusively at max guitars in the Netherlands. It is a direct copy of the original pickups on a 1960 burst affectionately known as *dutchburst*. They're a limited edition set i planned on using in my blonde es-175...
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    Formvar wire pickups & Peter florance 57

    The idea of a no decal 57 PAF pickup is fascinating to me. But i see Peter florance has a set but uses formvar wire. When i think of formvar wire i think of old fender strats and teles or jazzmasters etc etc. Not a humbucker!!! I was under the impression that they used plain enamel wire...