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  1. BSeneca

    R4 GAS

    Tough call. I had two vintage Juniors and I owned an R6 and own a 52. Nothing has been better than the 52, but my 58 Junior was a MEAN guitar. Very aggressive and perfect neck. You do gain the neck pickup for more tonal options. What "sound" or tone are you after. That may help.
  2. BSeneca

    Incoming NGD • 2018 Gibson R8

    Great score! Congrats! Looks very similar to my 18 R9. Hope its as awesome as mine
  3. BSeneca

    Hi my Les Paul has Serial No 088010

    The body is totally wrong shape. Top bout isn't right shape around the selector switch
  4. BSeneca

    1952 Gibson LP Gold Top - To Restore or To Convert?

    do you think he would even get THAT? They want to re sell and I am thinking 6 to 7k as is. Maybe less with all the issues. Probably get offered 3500. I would keep it and restore it to whatever spec you want. I would fill the routes and buy early P-90’s they rock. Or get patent numbers. Unless...
  5. BSeneca

    SOLD. 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard Raw Power. Killer!

    I remember selling these. Henry hadn’t screwed with them yet and the standards were great in that era. Bump for great guy
  6. BSeneca

    NGD - 60th R9

    Congratulations! Beautiful guitar. Looks very similar to my newly acquired 18 R9. You will love it I am sure.
  7. BSeneca

    Joe F Perry R9 VOS

    Joe is one of my idols and I LOVE this model. BCR Greg has an aged one that is ridiculous. Funny thing is I remember Joe playing a black Custom, Strat with a LH tele neck, a Mockingbird and a Bich more than that guitar. Oh and the Dan Armstrong of course. I had a poster or something with him and...
  8. BSeneca

    Why does the R4 come with Speed knobs while the 56, 57, and almost everything else gets Top Hats?

    My 52 has the tall barrel knobs. I had a 54 junior and i remember correctly they were tall as well. I have no problem with them. They work fine.
  9. BSeneca

    NGD R0 Made2Measure

    Looks AWESOM! Congratulation! Totally digging the Bigsby
  10. BSeneca

    Can you only get Plain Tops with R8's

    This is sound advice. I have owned four R8’s with more figure than two R9’s I have owned. The single most amazing reissue I owned was a plain top tobacco R8 (Sold to fund my 1952 Goldtop). I still miss that guitar. I currently do own an R9 because it was just “right”. But as many have said you...
  11. BSeneca

    Curious- gig with your Historic??

    Not only do I gig my Historic, I gig with 52 Goldtop. i am a player. The reason I started buying Historics 15 years ago was because it was the best Les Paul I could get. I didn’t buy my Goldtop for investment I bought it because it is the most amazing sounding guitar I have had the pleasure to...
  12. BSeneca

    2018 and 2019 R9 Bobbin color

    This would be historically accurate. Because Gibson that in the Golden years as well. White or zebra bobbins only occurred because the manufacturer ran out of black. So they used whatever they had. It completely just a look. I wouldn’t think they would cover zebras.
  13. BSeneca

    Traded. Please delete.

    I had a 75 that looked identical
  14. BSeneca

    '74 RI M2M Confusion....?

    I have this same issue with most reissues. I would never buy a Brazilian for MORE than I bought my vintage 52 Goldtop. I did just make a trade at the Philly show for an as new 17. It is the nicest reissue I have had. The only thin about 74’s is it is a crap shoot for original no issue Norlins...
  15. BSeneca

    OFFICIAL MEET: 2019 Fall Philly Guitar Show & MEMBERS MEET Nov. 2 & 3, 2019

    Oh, and always Frank thank you for your graciousnes. I love the “new” burst!
  16. BSeneca

    OFFICIAL MEET: 2019 Fall Philly Guitar Show & MEMBERS MEET Nov. 2 & 3, 2019

    Great seeing everyone today. Jimmy Wallace you are the man as always. Victor thank you for helpi me make the right decision.
  17. BSeneca

    Gibson Les Paul 2003 Brazilan R9 **SOLD**

    Bump for a great guy
  18. BSeneca


    We have very similar collections. I have a 52 and 58 junior. Congratulations. Has the neck on your 52 been reset? Just curious with the Bigsby and the shallow angle
  19. BSeneca

    New Family Photo - Wall of Brazilians

    Beautiful room! I am REALLY digging that lemon top right. I have a room as well, but I never hang my Gibsons because the rubber can burn the lacquer on the headstock. Make sure you put a cloth or something over it. Congratulations