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  1. jruano

    NGD: 2019 Les Paul Standard Seafoam green

    Well, I took my daughter to a birthday this Saturday and decided to stop by a nearby GC while I waited. Ended walking out the door with one of these seafoam 2019 Standards. Absolutely not my style when it comes to looks and myriad of features and such, but just loved, loved, loved that neck and...
  2. jruano

    Custombuckers height

    So recently I got an R9 with these. Love them, but kept messing with heights not able to decide where to settle. Finally bridge is at 1mm both sides, neck is at 0.5mm high E, 1.5mm low E. Quite a bit higher than I usually go with PAFs... you guys finding the same?
  3. jruano

    NGD: Les Paul Special DC Figured Top

    Just bought one of this on a whim. Received just now (at work :mad:!!!). Dying to put it through it's paces tonight. Great looking/feeling guitar, can't wait to spend a few hours on it. Anybody has experience with one of these? A few quick pics below. IMG_7407 by jruano posted Feb 21, 2019 at...
  4. jruano

    NGD - 2018 Custom Historic '59 Murphy Painted

    I wasn't planning on buying a new Les Paul, but the new neck profile did it this time. The top and paint job on this one didn't hurt, I'll admit. Just an amazing instrument. Some Xmas... Screen Shot 2018-12-28 At 8.52.06 PM by jruano posted Jan 6, 2019 at 9:12 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-28 At...
  5. jruano

    Duane ring strap

    I like leather straps with LPs and always wanted to have one of these, finally found one. Feels great on the shoulder, but you have to be really careful with that huge ring. Jury still out on if I will use it regularly or not, but it looks undeniably cool in my opinion! IMG_6060 by jruano...
  6. jruano

    NGD - 2017 1958 Les Paul VOS, CC29?

    Hey guys, new here. I recently got this guitar, it was advertised as "2017 1958 Les Paul VOS", but I've read these are really repurposed CC29s... thoughts? Although I always keep a P90 Jr in the stable, this is my first Les Paul Standard. I'm a tele player, so getting used to things. Surprised...