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  1. KS 5150

    Indian or Bolivian Rosewood?

    Sure looks like the board on my 2013 R9...which is definitely IRW. Beautiful guitar!
  2. KS 5150

    Manny's Music is No Longer Standing :(

    Very sad. I went there in 2013, & the storefront was still there, but the only shop on W48th Street that was still open was Rudy's. Would have loved to check it out before it closed. Good on Joe Bonamassa for purchasing the sign & loaning it to Songbirds Museum to be put on display :thumb:
  3. KS 5150


    Super nice! Love the top...HNGD!
  4. KS 5150

    WTB: UPDATED - 2001-2019 Gibson R8

    Pretty good deal here on Kijiji, which is a 2014 :thumb: No affiliation.
  5. KS 5150

    Hi my Les Paul has Serial No 088010

    Agreed. Never seen even a fake Historic with a volute. Would be interesting to see what it actually was.
  6. KS 5150

    Price Check on a 2005 R8

    I think something that has to be considered, is that in Canada, we have very little used inventory out there. As a result, everyone demands top dollar for their listings, because they think they can. It's not like the US, where there's a ton of alternatives out there, if one is overpriced...
  7. KS 5150

    Neil Peart died

    Absolutely terrible to hear. Our 2nd Canadian icon to die of brain cancer (Gord Downie died in 2017). Flags at 1/2 mast :(
  8. KS 5150

    Historic Les Paul Lifton Case - 6 latch - 2014 era

    Bump for a cool seller :thumb:
  9. KS 5150

    FS: The 1959 WIRE Holy Grail LTD Sigil Pickups

    GLWS! David wires some amazing pickups
  10. KS 5150

    NJD: Original Collection Les Paul Junior

    Super cool Junior! HNGD :thumb:
  11. KS 5150

    Various Gibson Pics

    Anything under 10 lbs in a win. Mine is 9.8 lbs, so I'm lucky to have it.
  12. KS 5150

    '75 Marshall 50 Watt - Rosemary

    Congrats Luke!
  13. KS 5150

    Various Gibson Pics

    Nice collection! I have a '74 Custom, so I know how awesome they are :thumb:
  14. KS 5150

    2019 Wildwood Spec - A discussion

    That's a super sweet R0....I love the uniqueness of the top. HNGD!
  15. KS 5150

    2019 Gibson Custom Shop Reissues still not available in Canada

    I LOVE being Canadian...I'll take universal health care over cheaper customs duties lol! My healthcare cost in Alberta is literally $0....can you compete with that?!? IDIOT. Btw, Target left bc they were priced much higher than Wal-Mart, so no one shopped there. p.s. if a Northern border wall...
  16. KS 5150

    Aged True Historic - Factory Buckle Rash or Not

    I always prefer my pre-aged guitars to be immaculate otherwise :p
  17. KS 5150

    Is my R8 a Fake?

    As the other guys here have said, it's definitely legit. The R8 stamp in the cavity is an easy way to check authenticity. I've never seen a Chibson with anything other than a disaster in the control cavity. Sometimes the sound is not there. It's always arbitrary when wood from different species...
  18. KS 5150

    LF: My 1983 GoldBurst Custom

    Good luck bump for ya :fingersx:
  19. KS 5150

    Are all Goldtop finishes created equal?

    To my knowledge, the USA models should all be fairly close. My brother has had a Classic, & has a Standard, and they were pretty much identical. The Classic, in the past, had a Buiilion Gold color, which I believe is a little different. The Custom Shop, since 2013, has used a different...