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  1. NRBQ

    The power of music: Woman puts an Elephant to sleep with a lullaby

    Taking a deep dive into Youtube I found the footage, it's quite amazing, the moment she starts singing the Elephant reaches out and pull her in to be nearer to her. It's quite extraordinary.
  2. NRBQ

    Presidential trivia

    I was brushing up on my Presidential knowledge recently when I spotted something interesting that I didn't know. So I thought I'd throw it out there as a weird trivia question and see if anyone else has noticed it. Besides all being Presidents, what do three of the last four Presidents of the...
  3. NRBQ

    I finally realized the internet's full potential, I went grocery shopping on line and it's all being delivered today for free.

    When pure laziness meets pure convenience it's a wonderful thing. Like most people I go to the grocery store to shop, I was going to head out to Aldi today so I went on their site to see when they open. Once I get there there's a big sign, shop online and we'll deliver it today for free. Use...
  4. NRBQ

    Plants emit ultrasonic 'scream' when they are hurt, researchers find

    Well well well, vegans and vegetarians, looks like death and pain apply to plants too. Now how do you sooth you souls while you kill tomato's and devour carrots to make your belly full? You can't kill something that feels pain, you can't just steam your way out of this one. Shame...
  5. NRBQ

    First official trailer for the new James Bond film "No Time To Die"

    So here is the first official look at the new James Bond film, only now it's not James Bond 007 with a licence to kill, it's James Bond the retired pensioner. Apparently since SPECTER he's retired with his lady Swann and is relaxing living the good like in Jamaica when (you guessed it) he's...
  6. NRBQ

    Best antifa beat down video I've ever seen. This one is very satisfying like a good meal, pass the rolls.

    You're going to love this one, typical beta femwad antifa member, masked up, trying to stop a guy in his SUV by blocking his way. When the guy speeds up the beta femwad moves to the side and then decides to hit his car with his beta femwad weapon, right about the time the guy jumps out of his...
  7. NRBQ

    As God as my witness I thought Turkeys could fly.

    Happy Thanksgiving MLP, once again here is my annual contribution to the holiday season. As some may know, I don't do much around here, but every year I do add one thing to the festivities, so once again I bring you the great Thanksgiving Turkey drop!
  8. NRBQ

    Funny short Youtube video: Alpha vs Beta, boy takes a swing at a man.

    You guys may have seen this, it isn't new, but as usual I happened upon it while surfing and it's just too funny. Weak limp wristed entitled boy warrior takes an ill advised shot at a man.
  9. NRBQ

    Need advice: I can't afford to heat with the central unit this winter, any suggestions on cost saving ways to heat?

    I've got a small house, and it's got a wonderful almost new so called energy efficient Train central air/heat unit, two years ago I used the central heat and it cost me over $400 for one month of use. That figure btw includes all utilities, but the big jump was in the power cost. And I wasn't...
  10. NRBQ

    Professor argues that since he's never been to space it doesn't exist, it gets richer.

    I came across this during my Youtube surfing adventures and I can honestly say I've never heard a debate quite like this before, it's so odd I'm not even sure if this is real or just a put on for the listener. I couldn't actually get thru the whole thing but I just had to post it to see what...
  11. NRBQ

    Hanging my head down low

    I posted that I'd learned my lesson after two years in the new house and no trick or treaters, well today I had one come to the house and I didn't have anything to give. I'm so pissed at myself for this. Turns out they delayed the holiday due to the weather problems they had yesterday. A nice...
  12. NRBQ

    Year three in new house, learned my Halloween trick or treat lesson.

    So this is my third year in my house and I finally learned my Halloween lesson. There's lots of kids in this neighborhood, so in year one I bought a whole bunch of high quality candy (that means chocolate) for the kids I expected would be trick or treating. I opened the door, put on the front...
  13. NRBQ

    Does anyone use a water pick for their dental care?

    I'm sold, I always floss with string and will continue to that but my dentist suggested a water pick and it's amazing how much cleaner my teeth and gums feel. I wanted to get something affordable and that was chargeable and waterproof for shower use. There were so many types to choose from so I...
  14. NRBQ

    I've fallen back in love with my cheap knockoff Ice Blue Telecaster "plank"

    Is there anything more fun then rediscovering a guitar you've had for a few years and falling in love all over again? Sure, a brand new vagina, a free Lamborghini, some strong cheese, but stay with me here, a few years ago I picked up an Xaviere Telecaster in Ice Blue from Guitarfetish for...
  15. NRBQ

    Mountain bike rim repair question for MLP bike enthusiasts.

    I'm trying to put my mountain bike back on the road for riding around the neighborhood. It's been quite some time since it's been ridden, and I noticed that it won't spin freely because the rims (mostly back but front too) are out of alignment and they rub against the brakes. Of course they're...
  16. NRBQ

    I've got to hand it to Amazon their customer service is top notch

    I've been using Amazon for a while now, and every time I've had a problem they've been more than capable and willing to fix the issue. I've gotten a bunch of different kind of items from them, sometimes it's them sometimes it's with a third party on Amazon. I recently bought a white pair of FILA...
  17. NRBQ

    I made a cake!

    Yeah it's true, I was at the grocery store and decided I'd appease my sweet tooth with a cake from the bakery, but it was $10, just a regular cake. I started thinking, that's just too much so I thought, hey why not bake one yourself, so without a gay thought in my mind I sauntered ...walked, I...
  18. NRBQ

    OK so I think I got one of those scam calls today for a "Federal Criminal Offense" both times were the final attempt to reach me.

    I've received two messages from a couple of missed calls today. Both messages sound like they're missing the beginning but this is what I have "jury for a federal criminal offence, this is the final attempt to reach you. To resolve this issue immediately and to speak to a federal agent call back...
  19. NRBQ

    People will try to sell anything.

    Check this out on Ebay and for only $211.10. Unopened PETER PAN PEANUTBUTTER JAR w 2111 code! From the 2007 Salmonella scare! :laugh2:
  20. NRBQ


    With a gentle nudge from a very wise and possibly good looking unnamed source right here on MLP, I realized that one thing has been missing in the palate of the subjects here on the backstage area is a thread dedicated to the great and luminous light bulb. At the risk of being droll (and in...