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  1. musicmaniac

    Small Marshall amp advice needed.

    Another vote for the DSL20.
  2. musicmaniac

    19LPR8VOSNH1 Comming Soon............To a Gearhead you know.....

    Wow, that's a beauty congrats!
  3. musicmaniac

    NGD 2016 Studio T

    Nice congrats!
  4. musicmaniac

    For those of you who think that Epiphones may be almost as good as Gibsons.....

    Who cares what it says on the head stock. If you love the guitar and bond with it, play it. I use my Epi live sometimes and some guys can't believe it sounds that good. Do I like it more than my R7, no but sometimes I have more fun playing the Epi and that's alright by me.
  5. musicmaniac

    60th anniversary aged lemon

    Wow, that's really green!
  6. musicmaniac

    Possible New Guitar. Please Help.

    As was said "buy it and try it"!
  7. musicmaniac

    2014 R8 - What is this finish?

    It does seem so. Probably the peach burst.
  8. musicmaniac

    NGD..... potentially

    I had a baked maple Studio Tribute that I loved and only got rid of it to upgrade my gear. This sight has some info on that guitar if you haven't seen it. Congrats!
  9. musicmaniac

    2013 signature t questions before I buy

    I'd say if you absolutely love the guitar $1400. You could always sell that case for a few bills and get a cheaper one too.
  10. musicmaniac

    Thoughts on a 2016 R8 gloss

    My advice is buy it if the price is right!
  11. musicmaniac

    It is normal?

    Have them refund some of your money and enjoy! If they won't and you plan on playing it I wouldn't let it bother you if it sounds and feels great.
  12. musicmaniac

    Girls will be girls

    Excellent! Rose has definitely got that Page thing down!
  13. musicmaniac

    Need help figuring out exactly what this Les Paul is.

    "Anyone else been in a similar situation of having a hard time letting go of a guitar, yet feeling like it's a waste to hold on to it if it's not getting the use it deserves? " I have and the only way I would do it would be for a killer deal. Good luck whatever you do.
  14. musicmaniac

    NGD 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s

    Sweet! These dark bursts are taking over.
  15. musicmaniac

    Need help: used to JCM800 4010 combo, same sound but smaller size

    I've never gigged it but it's plenty loud and obviously could be miked if need be. If you're worried get the 30 with the 12" speaker and you should be good.
  16. musicmaniac

    Orange Terror Stamp

    Let me know if you still want a MDT because I'll be selling mine to get this! I just use mine for back up and this is even smaller to carry around.
  17. musicmaniac

    Peavey Classic 50 (80's) question

    I think $400 for the 50 and $250 for the 20 sounds about right. Both are great amps!
  18. musicmaniac

    Need help: used to JCM800 4010 combo, same sound but smaller size

    I use the Lead20 for practice and it works perfectly. Since you've got the 30 why not use it? Nothings going to sound like the 4010 unless you spend $. And afterall it's just practice! :naughty:
  19. musicmaniac

    Bridge / tailpiece bushings not seated.

    I've seen this on a couple Epi's and it didn't effect anything other than looks. I also believe it has to do with the carve and the bushings themselves. But it's your guitar do what you think is best.
  20. musicmaniac

    Finish checking or neck crack?

    Wow, that's quite the dent but quite the replacement too! Congrats