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  1. BigJim

    Sellers Rant ! Idiot buyers with stupid questions !

    I'll ask that too, usually when the seller has gone on and on and on about how amazingly awesome, rare, unique and special the item is.
  2. BigJim

    Thoughts and opinion on a 2008 Gibson LP R8 (Maple Syrup Burst)

    In the end, it's still a plaintop, $2800 US max, IMO.
  3. BigJim

    Music Zoo experiences?

    Always tried to get to the Roslyn spot, never made it. Farmingdale is 10 mins from me, will try to stop in. They are always top dollar, as others have said.
  4. BigJim

    Best concerts

    I get no cred when I answer this question, but INXS in the early 90s at MSG. House lights on the whole show, everyone was on their feet for the duration..
  5. BigJim

    Gibson's First Authorized Boutique Builder

    Better than that clown from Echopark, I reckon.
  6. BigJim

    Possible Allman Brothers Reunion?

    So it's an Allmans/Betts Band gig? Makes sense.
  7. BigJim

    FIRE Bombs!

    Yeah, they always have nice tops...
  8. BigJim

    Possible Allman Brothers Reunion?

    Yeah, my thoughts too. Love 'em, saw them a ton, no interest in seeing whatever this is..
  9. BigJim

    FIRE Bombs!

    Too much! PRSlike...
  10. BigJim

    What The Hell Would Cause This?!?

    9.8 lbs, sheesh. probably dropped a few times, causing the crack.
  11. BigJim

    Thyroid disease and Sleep Apnea?

    Yeah, the machine is a nuisance... How did you lose the weight?
  12. BigJim

    Thyroid disease and Sleep Apnea?

    I can't say how much the addition of the CPAP has helped me. Your doctor is right, once you experience sleeping "correctly", you will feel like a million bux. I got old and fat, was not sleeping great (my snoring kept my girlfriend awake), was run down by the end of the week. Got diagnosed with...
  13. BigJim

    1952 Goldtop Neck Set Issues

    Wraptails are magic, not sure why anyone would buy a '52 to convert it to TOM.
  14. BigJim

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Thats a perfect top!
  15. BigJim

    WTB- ‘68 Custom Authentic

    There was one on TGP recently, not sure if it is still there though..
  16. BigJim

    Why are R0’s Listed So Much More

    Are they rarer? I honestly never tried an R0, never saw one in any of the shops I go to to try..
  17. BigJim

    "Sandy" at Guitar Shop Taiwan

    Saw that on their Insta feed, thought it was a reissue!
  18. BigJim

    Historic Makeover - Burst or Goldtop

    Geez, even the goldtops had "goodwood" back then!
  19. BigJim

    Post Your 60th Aniversaries

    The Private Stocks are amazing, I want one someday. You can find used ones for a great price. I have owned piles of PRS over the years. I have two now, a Dirty 100 and an 89 Custom 24. The Dirty 100 is pretty close to Private Stock, the 89 is from the "old factory". They can approximate a Tele...