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  1. irocdave12

    I may have over ordered this year?

    This is what $50 of cookies looks like. In hindsight when the Girl Scout has to bring you this years cookie order in an empty Amazon box maybe that’s a sign I over did it. I might have officially become a fatty now or at least in the eyes of the local GS troop
  2. irocdave12

    Some impressive Vacuum tube carnage

    Although I know its possible and have seen similar damage examples on other tube types this is first time I’ve come across it personally in my years of collecting and testing tubes. And first time on a EL84 tube. Found this pair of Mullard EL84 tubes in a group I got today. Unbelievably they...
  3. irocdave12

    Two quick gear acquisition questions about tuners and speaker cables

    I would like to know what is the favorite and latest greatest choice in clip on tuners. It’s been years since I last bought one and its time for an upgrade as I understand they’ve come a long way and are pretty respectable nowadays I remember the Snark being popular not long ago but I’ve never...
  4. irocdave12

    One of the funnier commercials I’ve seen in a while

    Made me laugh that’s all i can say
  5. irocdave12

    FS Brand New Focusrite 2i2 USB Audio Interface DISCOUNT!!

    For sale with a significant discount over retail price is this brand new Focusrite 2i2 USB audio interface. One of the higher rated units on the market. Unit is completely new and untouched. Never used or plugged in with its unregistered software package all ready to go. 2 gen version I bought a...
  6. irocdave12

    Anyone else using the brand new JJ frame grid E83cc tube yet?

    In case some of you haven’t heard yet JJ just released in the last 2 weeks a genuine frame grid 12ax7 tube. It is a constructed clone tube of the legendary Telefunken ecc803s tube which is hailed as the best ever. I got a pair sent over from Europe and definitely some of the first production...
  7. irocdave12

    Recent PG 2019 Gibson factory tour video

    Don’t know if this one has caught wind here yet but its a recent release video and an update tour of their last factory feature from 2012
  8. irocdave12

    Active shooting in Philadelphia 5 cops shot

    Big action in philly today. Story unknown at moment but current barricade situation with 5 philly cops shot so far. Smh
  9. irocdave12

    Iron Maiden latest tour

    Saw Maiden last night at their Philadelphia stop. Having seen them 3x prior I can highly recommend this Legacy of the Beast tour as their best one yet that I’ve been to. Great freaking show very well produced and most importantly they sounded really on point.
  10. irocdave12

    Advice needed on using polishing compounds

    Just did some wet sanding on a project epiphone so we’re talking about a poly finish. I’m about to start up with the compounds on a foam pad in an electric drill. My question is should I slightly dampen the foam pad with water or just use it dry with straight compound? Ive seen a slightly wet...
  11. irocdave12

    Neal Schon suing Live Nation for emotional distress

    In a good lol.... Neal in a effort to further raise his impeccable reputation in the music industry decided it's a good idea to sue the company that runs most of the concerts. Apparently he finds it difficult to perform now being so worried another security guard might make his wife stop taking...
  12. irocdave12

    Mark Agnesi hired by Gibson

    In another good sign things are going in the right direction Gibson has hired Mark Agnesi from Normans Rare Guitars to be some sort of public liaison for products. Mark is a huge Gibson fan and super knowledgeable about the vintage stuff but most importantly he's got the vibe of what people want...
  13. irocdave12

    Please bail me out guys...

    Took my little guy to the local mall for some new sneakers at Footlocker. I'm probably getting arrested soon because I'm committed to punching dead in the face the next young punk I hear say about anything remotely good in the world..."yo that shit's fire" or the alternative version..."that's...
  14. irocdave12

    Factory installed Luxe caps can someone post a picture?

    If anyone has a very recent custom shop guitar with the new hang tag pictured could you post up a picture of your control cavity. I'm interested in how they are routing the new Luxe bumble bee caps and if they are using the cloth shielding on the cap leads?
  15. irocdave12

    Real Gibson PIO capacitors coming soon?

    Don't know if any of you else caught the guy at NAMM from Gibson custom shop mention in several interviews and gear showings mention that Gibson has been doing a lot of R&D in electronics in recent months in attempts to reproduce the Centralab pots and said they are going to be making real PIO...
  16. irocdave12

    Where can I find a replacement Jack plate?

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend a source to get one of the Jack plates that was used in early les paul customs? I think it was a black fiberglass type of material? I'm not sure if I'm even correct about all this but my memory is telling me the early Customs didn't have the gold metal plates as...
  17. irocdave12

    Artie Lange..what's up with that nose?

    Poor Artie, literally had the world by the balls and flushed it down the bowl with drugs. But I had not seen him in recent years. Wow holy shit...I guess cocaine really is bad for your nose. My man literally melted his. Hope they lock him away for some years now and finally give him what he...
  18. irocdave12

    When the town leopard is in a bad mood

  19. irocdave12

    Oh Celestion...What are you doing to me??

    Just got done installing and paying for the glorious alnico Creamback in my set up. Combined with my vintage Blackback I became convinced I finally found perfection. Truly the alnico Creamback is that good. It's a crazy great speaker for everything and it shine paired with a ceramic but it seems...
  20. irocdave12

    New Speaker Day 8" Alnico HEMP Content

    Been really excited to get my hands on this bad boy. Don't see speakers like this everyday. Thom the owner over at Tone Tubby took great personal care of me on this speaker. Loving that emerald green hemp cone goodness and I'm looking forward to trying to hear the difference over paper cones...