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  1. ARandall

    Another Finish Question - 2012 R8

    Love that sort of colour on a RI......very cool, esp the plain top
  2. ARandall

    Scracths on my new Les Paul Standard 2019

    ^ Exactly.......the back of the guitar is the one part that you would consistently expect to be in the line of fire when it comes to belts, zips, etc. Practically every guitar of a moderate age with typical non case queen markings on it will feature some form of clothing related damage to the...
  3. ARandall

    Taming the Bad Horsie

    Its not true bypass if its changing the tone when not engaged. If it theoretically is supposed to be a true bypass pedal, then return it and get one that is not not malfunctioning. Otherwise if it is a buffered pedal, then you might have to see if it has a trimpot to finetune the level.
  4. ARandall

    Bigsby on a carved top jazzmaster?

    At a pinch, if you want a flatter area to mount it, just make one yourself as part of the carve. I've fitted a vintage JM trem to a carved top build so its possible (and easy) to do.
  5. ARandall

    Intonation on New Floyd Rose install

    Any or all. Much of it will be removed when you re-drill, and the rest will be on the non tension side of the new hole.
  6. ARandall

    Wizz pickups website?

    The other factor is that if he is short of any materials to make a product, that product is not available to purchase, and most often removed temporarily until he does have the required parts.
  7. ARandall

    NGD my 1st Norlin LP + bonus freebie!!

    Just as long as you know nothing production line in Duncan is hand wound. The extent of the 'winder' part in the winding of pickups is the threading of the start wire and the cutting off of the wire at the end of the fully automated machine wind. So unless the mojo of the pickup is all in the...
  8. ARandall

    Bulge in fingerboard causing fretting out/buzzing at one spot. Best fix?

    Fretwork. Like any other time where you have buzzing/fretting out in spots.
  9. ARandall

    Gibson Quality Control (or, the curse of the Friday)

    Once you do anything creative and artistic in a luthier sense, you'd know precisely just how much you get done in a day......which is practically nothing. Typically if you make a guitar from scratch, the last day of 'construction' is the absolute final pass on fretwork and setup......and you...
  10. ARandall

    In defense of the "humble" SD '59

    Everyone and every guitar is different. I have had the ideal pickup in 1 guitar be mag swapped 490R's - that handwound boutiques have come out of. But 59's are 1 pickup I have consistently not liked in any guitar they have been in. For whatever reason we just don't get along.
  11. ARandall

    Q about replacing dot inlays

    You're probably only taking off rough edges.....or only wanting to do that. It really should only be a quick pass. You might want to take a 1/4" drill to the hole too. The ideal is that you're having to press it in, not that it falls in. So you should only need to do a tiny bit of fitting work...
  12. ARandall

    The Definitive Top Carve Thread?? (You can be the judge)

    So these lines you have are the finished height of where the carve is once all the sanding is done....or are you trying to create a set of carve templates that, once you remove more wood, will eventually end up where you want the final height to be. Because the two are quite different. I...
  13. ARandall

    Q about replacing dot inlays

    If they're too big, sand them down until they fit.
  14. ARandall

    A note about lacquer thinners..
  15. ARandall

    A note about lacquer thinners..

    Luckily enough, the stock (generic lacquer) thinner from our local hardware I find quite good. Compared to acetone (which sort of feels 'dry') this thinner really feels 'silky'. Not sure if anyone has ever sprayed only with acetone as a thinner, and had a 'rainbow' type the top...
  16. ARandall

    1975 Bridge Replacement, advice please!

    I never realised natural came in so early......I had always thought it was that 77 and beyond sort of timing.
  17. ARandall

    Scracths on my new Les Paul Standard 2019

    You'd have to get quotes locally. Prices on guitar stuff varies wildly from country to country depending on labour rates. As an example, anything guitar related in the US is about 1/2 the price compared to where I live.
  18. ARandall

    Norlin experts ! Late 60's LP Deluxe ID please? Pictures added !

    The funny thing about the logo, is that the bridge between the 'o' and the 'n' is high. Something I have only seen as starting in the late 70's. Here is a link to another instance of the same sort of logo occurring in the same era guitar. In the case of the post, the guitar had been re-necked...
  19. ARandall

    started out trying to wind a pickup with a T-top vibe and ended up with something else

    James' book goes into the changes that made the PAF different to the early Pat# and then the T-top. But the very nature of the materials and the process becoming much more consistent makes the later pickups (and I'm talking 70's/80's) not so much of a mystery.......or an enigma. Secondly, you...
  20. ARandall

    Scracths on my new Les Paul Standard 2019

    That gouge is not really a cost effective manner. I mean sure, you can dropfill with more clear nitro until it is level with/slightly above the rest of the clear (several passes worth), and then scrape and sand until you have a surface you can buff out again. But its probably...