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    acceptable in the 80's

    or now :D raw shred alert...
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    No More Tears

    Just the solo :)
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    Nice pentatonic lesson

    This seems like a great way to practice and get that nice wide interval type sound
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    Effects and Kemper

    What would be the best way to connect a PODxt to a Kemper just to use the effects on the pod? I tried before just running the output of the Kemper in to the input of the pod but it took some of the “life” out the sound
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    Rechargeable 9v batteries in pedals

    doers the slightly lower voltage have much of an effect? I have a cry baby wah that takes two 9v batteries so 18v, the rechargeable lithium batteries I've seen are 8.4v so would get 16.8 instead of 18v with the two will that likely be an issue?
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    Heart - Alone guitar

    The BTOTM thread reminded me of this song.....I love the solo in the song so thought I'd make a wee video :)
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    another unexpected win for Kemper

    Never even considered this when I bought the Kemper but it does Bass Guitar too! I've never had a bass amp so nothing to compare to but it sounds pretty nice at night through headphones! Keeps the neighbours happy
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    headphones for transcribing

    looking for suggestions/recommendations for headphones to use for transcribing I was thinking of senheisser 650 and use them for pleasure listening too but dont think Im going to find a headphone that does both Audio Technica m40x (supposedly flatter/more natural than m50x) and AKG K701 are 2...
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    Paul Gilbert on Japanese game show!

    this made me smile!
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    this tone on an Axe FxII..

    since the UK distributor for Fractal offers an amazing returns policy I got one to test out....nothing to lose (except shipping charges if it gets returned) trying to get this sort of tone, I can get similar but nothing as raw and throaty as these this one says Ceriatone Trainwreck amp with...
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    Most important aspect of this kinda tone... am I right in thinking any guitar with the same pickups as this one (assuming it wasn't garbage...), using the same Axe FX would get (pretty much) the same tone as there's so much processing? how important is the wiring etc?
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    Digitech RP10 as controller for Kemper?

    I have a Digitech RP10 (over 20 years old), it has an expression pedal and MIDI in and out would it be able to be set up as a controller for a Kemper? especially the expression pedal
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    recommend an audio interface

    looking for a USB powered interface with coax s pdif in found this for not a lot of money...
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    Guitar used in Deep Purple song The guitar that's playing the main riff Any idea what guitar/amp used for this track?
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    Axe fx in the UK

    Is Axe fx2 the latest and greatest? Can't see them advertised very.much? Saw a few used axe fx ultras What ones are the best? Ta.
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    in the <£1000 range am I right in thinking the ones to look for are American Standards? what years are better than others? just saw a 2012 advertised that looks nice... was looking at squiers too, classic vibe seems to be the best there? just looking for some strat info really...
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    Passenger - Let her go - Fingerstyle Lesson by Justin Sandercoe

    came across this brilliant lesson the other week, the fingerstyle intro sounded so sweet! of those ones I HAD to leanr, to make it a bit easier for me I tabbed it out (much easier for me doing it this way rather than trying to remember or rwd/ffwd the video 100 times, so here's a pic of...
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    help with guitar? solo on Magnetic Fields song

    Epitaph for my heart is the song the bit i'm not sure about is the riff/lick between 1:57 and 2:12 I think something like this but I seem to hear something different every time I listen to it! - is it 2 guitars? a banjo, something else??? the last 3...
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    nice 3 notes per string Pentatonic lesson

    is the Pentatonic 3 notes per string patterns a common thing?? Have I been missing out all these years??.... I'd seen some 3 nps pentatonic licks before combining the boxes but never really did much with it seems like a good way to get up the fretboard and a way to get that wide galloping kinda...
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    Hey Joe!

    been learning some Jimi stuff - was recording this earlier, thought I'd post it up! some improv and the solo...backing track made with Ableton