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    Time for some new ones.
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    Rose Quarter Guitar Festival - Portland OR 11/17

    Didn't think we were getting a Fall show this year but saw this posted on Facebook this morning. Anyone else going?
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    For you guys that can spot fakes:

    This is in my local craigslist. I don't know how to spot a fake that well but I'm guessing this is a MIC knock-off. What say you?
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    If you could see 2 of your favorites in 1 week...

    Who would it be? I saw Paul Gilbert Sunday night. Going to see The Aristocrats (Guthrie Govan) tonight. Can’t say I could pick a better concert week for myself.
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    Fender tweed amp at a yard sale today. Should I go back?

    Like the title says, I saw a tweed amp at a yard sale today. It had no identifying markings on it except an old Fender badge on the front. There was a spot on the back tolex where it looked like a label used to be. Maybe 3 by 5 or so in size. It appeared to be old. Metal parts were corroded but...
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    I Always Wanted A Pig.
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    Larry Mitchell is cool as hell

    Any other fans? I've known about this guy for a while but for some reason haven't checked out his playing a whole lot. Just came across this video lesson and really like it. I think it can be a great practice tool to use instead of mindlessly noodling around. He's playing at the Tacoma Dome...
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    Change Width

    Every time I visit the forum I have to scroll to the bottom and click "change width" to make the page fit the screen better. Is there a setting to make this permanent?
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    Spring Oregon Guitar & Musical Instrument Expo

    Anyone going? I live about three miles from the venue so will probably be there. Sunday April 14 10:00 to 4:00 Admission $10 Milwaukie-Portland Elks Lodge #0142 13121 SE Mcloughlin Blvd, Portland, OR 97222
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    Studying For a Job Interview

    ....and these are my research assistants. I have Wink the one-eyed dog in my lap and Hank the cat in front of me. I think these animals would prefer I stay unemployed so I'm home all day. Cooper the grumpy dog is in the other room sleeping so screw him. We found out that coffee roasters...
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    My Security Camera Caught Someone and I'm Pissed.

    For some reason the camera on the front didn't detect this guy, and the back camera alerted us as "motion" instead of "person." He leaves camera site to left of the screen where our garbage bins are. I can hear him opening a bin when I review on the app so I assume he was hunting for cans and...
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    Interesting Find at an Antique Shop

    My wife and I made our annual trip to Alaska this past weekend and we popped into the antique shop in downtown Anchorage. Most of the items in this place are way above our price range but we've found some reasonably priced artwork before. Anyway, I came across this "kit" and found it to be very...
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    Oregon Guitar And Musical instrument Expo in Portland

    Anyone planning to go? The venue is only 3 miles from my house so I'll most likely be there. The Fall EXPO Milwaukie Oregon ELKS Sunday Oct 7, 2018 Oregon Guitar And Musical instrument Expo in Portland OR A Musical Swap Meet where you can Buy – Sell –...
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    Dont get any bright ideas, I’m not flirting with you guys. I wanted to show off the new edition to our family. This little guy was found wandering alone and taken to a shelter. Not sure how old he is but we’re guessing 7-8 months. He’s blind in one eye and it looks like a birth defect. So we are...
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    Marshall 2x12 Cab with WGS Green Berets (local PDX/SEA) $250

    Amp is sold. Cab still available. Local Portland / Seattle area. No haggle price $250 Marshall MC2122 with a pair of Warehouse Guitar Speakers 25 watt Green Berets.
  16. Lungo

    Looking for Some Info on an EVM 12L Speaker.

    I'm usually pretty go at finding this stuff, but so far I'm unable to locate much information on this EVM 12L Series II speaker. I find them online, just not with this particular label. I'm curious to know how old it is if possible, and how many watts it can handle. Any info greatly appreciated!
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    It's Another Sunday Night. guessed it. I'm drinking beer and playing guitar. That's what weekends are for! Not ready for another work week but it could be worse. It could be another unemployed week. What're you guys and gals up to?
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    Pick Guard that came with my 2005 Standard Faded

    I was doing a project on my guitar today and thought to myself, why not see what the pick guard would look like installed? It hasn't seen the light of day but a couple times since I bought the guitar. First thing I noticed was that it didn't fit well between the pickups. Then I noticed the...
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    Someone tell me about this Phaez amp I bought today; Ashville "The Cheri Addition?"

    One of the Portland music stores posted a Craigslist ad saying they were blowing out a bunch of used gear so I went to see what they had. What they had was a Phaez Asheville, "The Cheri Addition." I couldn't find anything online which kind of surprised me. The amp has 2 6L6 power tubes. I don't...
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    Frijoles Sai Sacaster? Anyone heard of these?

    A guitar keeps popping up on my local craigslist and I'm curious if anyone has heard of the name on the head stock. Looks like a great deal for the price but I cannot find any info about the name "Frijoles Sai Sacaster"...