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  1. Udonitron

    Relic’d Guitars from Japanese auction sites

    Ah OK...strange place to block. Porn Hub I can understand but lol
  2. Udonitron

    Navigators with Poly vs. Nitro?

    Yessir, the only one that wasn't lacquer was the 280. Post 2005 or so ESP started to use more of a satin lacquer to give it a subtle vintage sheen however satin and matte lacquer has silica in it to cut back on the gloss. As a result it goes white when scratched. Have you tested it with...
  3. Udonitron

    Relic’d Guitars from Japanese auction sites

    AH Privacy Badger was blocking Reverb Images, I see it now.
  4. Udonitron

    First Time for Everything Karma Baby

    Thomas LOVES a happy ending.
  5. Udonitron

    Relic’d Guitars from Japanese auction sites

    I see nuttin, Mobius
  6. Udonitron

    Relic’d Guitars from Japanese auction sites

    I bid on that but lost. IMO all that wear is 100% legit. That guitar was loved and played. It reminds me of a Burny P90 gold top.
  7. Udonitron

    Why Don't Most High End MIJ Les Pauls Have Nibs?

    You know you are in the "Other Single Cuts" section, right? Perhaps you should head on back to the Gibson section?
  8. Udonitron

    Why Don't Most High End MIJ Les Pauls Have Nibs?

    Nibs showed up on most MIJ LPs from 77 to 82 or so. While they are nice I think most decided the amount of extra work to do that fretwork wasn't worth it. Plus it is almost harder to do nice fret ends vs having binding covering em up.
  9. Udonitron

    Gibson Deleted YouTube Videos. Mark Agnesi Fired?

    Uh oh, Gibson seems to now be run by the Trunt administration lol
  10. Udonitron

    Aged True Historic - Factory Buckle Rash or Not

    I would happily keep it regardless but I would touch base with the seller and state it was misrepresented and WAS used due to that rash. Then I would tell them I would keep it but considering it would not have sold for what it did if the rash was noted and not stated as new but used, you expect...
  11. Udonitron

    This guitar has started an internal battle in my mind

    Killer, Matsumoku made goodness.
  12. Udonitron

    The Unofficial Official "Pending NGD" Thread

    Oh yeah, look in the Droolorama thread.
  13. Udonitron

    1980 Navigator LPS-200?

    Mine has a decent horn, do the newest ones look pointy now? Certainly not as bad as the early 80s Grecos.
  14. Udonitron

    1980 Navigator LPS-200?

    ESP built goodness
  15. Udonitron

    The Official Centre Fold Spread~Oh~licious Drool~Oh~rama Photo Thread

    MH-1 I think. Aria used em on the SH-1000 & 800's.
  16. Udonitron

    NGD -Edwards Plain-top Prototype Pics

    I closed my eyes and listened and I could not tell a major difference. I honestly think how well the wood is dried plays more of a tonal difference vs the wood used. Page used a masonite and poplar Danelectro 3021 for White Summer, Black Mountain Side, & "Kashmir" and that sounds killer. I...