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  1. MineGoesTo11

    NGD 2013 Traditional

    Well it's been a while since I've been lurking around here, just found as good an excuse to post as any... show & tell: Bought used: 2013 Traditional Honey Burst Hitting 4-0 in a week or so, this is my bday present... to me. No really you shouldn't have, oh but I did. Price was good enough...
  2. MineGoesTo11

    I'm In NOLA!

    I'm here for business only though so I can't do much. I'm going to be taken out for crawdads and to the French Quarter but there will be no time to poke around. The wall of heat here was something stepping out of the airport... Good lord, I don't know how you people go outside in this.
  3. MineGoesTo11

    I Can Finally Play This Jazz Fusion Lick

    ...and in time too... I dig these funky, jazzy licks. Original video from YT I learned from. and just for fun, muh pedals..
  4. MineGoesTo11

    Anyone Know Techs In GTA That Know Ibanez

    I have a used MIJ Ibanez with the Original Edge Tremolo. After tuning, it goes out of tune slightly after moderate use of the arm. Not sure. Everything looks in good shape hardware wise. I think I need a tech in the Toronto - Mississauga area who knows these trems to get it working as it...
  5. MineGoesTo11


    Is math simply an abstraction we invented that conveniently seems to describe much of the universe, or is it a fundamental property of reality that exists independently of our consciousness? Did we invent it or discover it? Layman Version: Are we smart cuz we discovered teh maths, or are...
  6. MineGoesTo11

    Gear Buying Axiom

    What is the best _________ to buy for x? The best _________ is the one that works for you. Directions: Apply liberally to all facets of your life. You're welcome :cool:
  7. MineGoesTo11

    Snow In April..

  8. MineGoesTo11

    NMBD (New Mountain Bike Day)

    Picked up my new baby after work. Kona Process 134 Gonna take a spin tomorrow. With some luck and pedaling, I won't kill myself and some fat will disappear. :thumb:
  9. MineGoesTo11

    Meanwhile At The Apple Live Event

  10. MineGoesTo11

    We Need A New Star Trek TV Series

    We need a new Star Trek TV series. Not another bad movie. Not an origin story. Not one set sixty zillion years in the future. Not a radical departure from canon. Not a teenage melodrama about the academy. and most definitely: NOT A GODDAMN REBOOT OF PREVIOUS CONCEPTS! My Fav ST...
  11. MineGoesTo11

    Keyboard / Mouse On PS3

    I picked up one of these. Using gaming keyboard and mouse with my PS3 on call of duty AW... works pretty well. I hadn't played too much in the last few years, I came from PC and always found the console controllers annoying. This made it fun again. Now I just need better internet.
  12. MineGoesTo11

    The ES Les Paul - Where Have I Been

    Just realized this guitar exists... me rikey.
  13. MineGoesTo11

    The No. 1 Reason This Thread Will Change Your Life With One Weird Trick

    THIS VIDEO WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE - YouTube #jenniferlawrence :laugh2:
  14. MineGoesTo11

    Went For A Horseback Ride

    This was my first time going out on my own on the trail. Eddie is pretty cool, a little headstrong sometimes. It was a nice day out, decided to test my new GoPro Hero 3, which stopped working after this video, so it's going back. Horseback Trail Ride On Beautiful Fall Day - YouTube
  15. MineGoesTo11

    Is College Worth It?

    I didn't finish college, and I'm in management. I moved up from the floor through experience and showing initiative. Any job I get now is not based on any education I have or don't have but on whether I can demonstrate ability to deliver the goods. Any businesses that won't promote people to...
  16. MineGoesTo11

    Shameless Pandering To Cute

    A bear cub and a pup wrestling. Just try to resist it.
  17. MineGoesTo11

    Ignorance Is Bliss

    MinusIQ | The pill to lower your IQ permanently - YouTube :laugh2:
  18. MineGoesTo11

    Facebook Satire Tags

    So teh Facebooks is putting [satire] tags on satirical items in your feed. This is to help ensure you don't risk an acquired brain injury by doing something silly, like thinking. Just relax and breathe through your mouth. It will all be ok. :wave: Oh look, a puppy [cute]
  19. MineGoesTo11

    Whatever Happened To Fukushima Daiichi?

    Weren't we all supposed to die or something? Canadian death plumes? California wiped out and ruled and by mutated cats?
  20. MineGoesTo11

    The Moon Is A Lemon

    Some have theorized that the Earth is a giant cheeseburger, but science has modeled the Moon, and it's a lemon! :run: Lemon Moon Lemoon!