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  1. TheKat

    Anyone else carry pencils in their pockets?

    Ouch ... Get well soon! :sadwave: :photos: oh sorry, that was the wrong smiley .... What do we learn - Don't carry sharp items in your pockets, dont't leave clothes lying around. Next time you'll step on a sock and slip ..... sometimes it's right to give attention to what our moms used to say...
  2. TheKat

    need new bridge for my special I

    Well, normally a picture says more than a thousand words, but in this case info about which bridge it is or a link to the seller would be quite valuable ;)
  3. TheKat

    My Guitar Has Risen From The Grave!

    I absolutely adore plaintops, and the lemon shows the grain quite nicely :headbanger: @SixAngryStrings , sad to hear those stories, but glad to hear it ended well. Play the heck out of your guitar! :jam:
  4. TheKat

    New Double Neck G-1275 SG Custom Day!

    Happy NGD! Very nice guitar! Now you can delight us with your version of this :D or this :D
  5. TheKat

    Old Matsumoku Epi Les Paul Standard Restoration

    Wow, that looks really nice - and an open book headstock to boot. Really good work! Also, the guitar body looks impressive - can you tell me the thickness of the body?
  6. TheKat

    Les Paul Body Thickness - Which are thicker than the Standard?

    Thanks for all your answers! But it seems the discussion drifts a little away. For my interests, the thickness measured at the rim is what actually counts - since this is the where it is perceived. @Who - thanks for your kind offer - but I fear that there is a tiny bit of misunderstanding. I...
  7. TheKat

    Les Paul Body Thickness - Which are thicker than the Standard?

    I found out that there are numerous threads about thickness issues - way too many in fact. But I didn't find one that answers my questions. I also know that LP Studios are thinner than LP Standards. But I found photos that suggest that certain LPs are even thicker than a standard - for...
  8. TheKat

    More New "Les Paul's" for 2018 from the CS

    But no golden strings - another case of Gibson not going the whole way Read the description? The "nice" red guitar doesn't try to cater to us .... but it is amazing how low so-called music "journalists" can sink.
  9. TheKat

    More New "Les Paul's" for 2018 from the CS

    As long as it's not bound ..... by lips
  10. TheKat

    Any Epiphone G-400 makeovers done?

    Motivation? I? supply? sorry, not in this case. :hmm: As you may already know, removing the PU covering of an Epiphone is quite a task. Some might even describe it as a major pain in the ass. :naughty: If you find mahogany veneer under the paint (which is sure for newer epis), saving it while...
  11. TheKat

    Any idea which model Epi this is, olympic standard?

    :eek: this guitar has a double chin Otherwise, sorry I can't be more helpful :oops:
  12. TheKat

    Epi Slash Anaconda-Burst

    Well thats really a bargain .... getting a Slash signature for $1200. The plaintop Gibson model costs $5000 and $6500 with signature - so the signature here costs $1500...
  13. TheKat

    Calling DarrellV: please share the Miraculous story of your LP acquisition

    Cliffhanger alarm! I'm hovering at the edge of my seat and biting my finger AND toe nails :Ohno: :yesway::)
  14. TheKat

    Epi. Les Paul Tribute Plus question.

    Well, I would want to see what PUs are in that guitar. Even if Gibson 57s were made in Zebra, would they show up in a Tribute Plus?
  15. TheKat

    I got some fret buzz (guitars are worse than children)

    +1 Well, the spring - or if there is no spring one of the screws/riders
  16. TheKat

    I got some fret buzz (guitars are worse than children)

    When there is buzz on a fretted note that usually has nothing to do with the nut (or the nuts :hmm:) .... except one thing I had on an acoustic - the portion of the string ABOVE the fretted note rang sympathetically and buzzed ...... nothing could be done about that. But I'm assuming you hear...
  17. TheKat

    Is the 1960 Tribute Plus still The Bomb?

    Well it has been said too often .... but you find out if a guitar speaks to you - only if you try it.... Otherwise - if your other LPs are mainly Epiphones I wouldn't take a 60 Tribute. Its not "different" enough. Perhaps another one of the low price Gibson LPs (laquer really feels different)...
  18. TheKat

    Epiphone Wish List

    Hi Dolebludger, thanks for the info.
  19. TheKat

    Epiphone Wish List

    ! OT Warning - Don't read this if you're only interested in the the threads topic ! Well, this Autoglym product is called polish, and is intended for freshening up paint on older cars. It should contain a (very mild) abrasive component. So I think the main effect is to break up the super high...
  20. TheKat

    Epiphone Wish List

    Nobody mentioned nitro laquer finish as a wish explicitly?! This plasticky look and feel .... That would my wish - at least on the more expensive models (like tribute and signature guitars). It would also do more justice to the price difference to the standard les pauls - at the moment this...