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  1. DDF

    Beautiful Lefty Burst in Spain. Lots of Pics.

    Former Stroup burst, but the new owner is calling it the Spanish burst. Hope you guys dig it.
  2. DDF

    FS [EU]: J. Rockett ARCHER

    Hi. Selling my Rockett Archer. A nice Klon clone for a reasonable price. In very good condition; has velcro, though. Will send pics if required. SOLD. Pedal is located in Barcelona, Spain.
  3. DDF

    1981 Gibson ES-335 Dot RI Black

    Hi. I'm selling a 1981 Gibson ES-335 Dot RI in Black with a Bigsby. Bought from Willie's American Guitars. All original, besides a refret (you're welcome) and a ABR-1 bridge (the original Nashville is in the case). Includes Gibson HSC that is not original. Will send more pics if interested...
  4. DDF

    FS [EU]: 1968 Fender Telecaster

    Hi. I'm selling my 1968 Fender Telecaster. Modifications: - Old body only refin - Rout for mini-humbucker in the neck position - Seymour Duncan pu in the neck - Refret and new bone nut - New selector switch (old one is included) Rest is original. Comes with Gator hard case. The guitar...
  5. DDF

    Nobels ODR-1

    For sale is a vintage Nobels ODR-1 in mint condition. It's barely new, it even smells news. Pedal is located in Barcelona, Spain. 300€ + shipping. No trades thanks. Will try to make nicer pics tomorrow.
  6. DDF

    FS [EU/WW]: A few pedals

    Hi. I'm selling some cool pedals: 1/ Fulltone Supatrem 1 - 150€ + shipping This one is the version without the volume knob. Very good condition. Comes with original box. 2/ Analogman mooded Boss DS-1 Pro Mod - 90€ + shipping Mint condition, I mean new. Comes with original box, plastic bag...
  7. DDF

    FS [EU/WW]: FUCHS Blackjack 21 combo

    Hi. Up for sale is my FUCHS Blackjack 21 combo in cream. Bought new in 2015. This is part of the FUCHS Casino Series. The Blackjack model is a 2 x 6V6 21-Watts Class AB 3 x 12AX7 Preamp tubes. It comes with a factory WGS ET-65 speaker. Nothing has been changed from the amp, everything in...
  8. DDF

    FS[EU]: Roger Mayer Vodoo Vibe +

    Up for sale is this killer pedal. In RM words: The Voodoo-Vibe+ is the latest evolution of the Univibe as used by Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower. The Voodoo-Vibe+ will faithfully reproduce all the old retro sounds and incorporates the modifications I personally developed for Jimi. The Supervibe...
  9. DDF

    FS[EU]: Swart Night Light Attenuator

    Hi there. Selling this attenuator and stereo drive from Swart. It's the senior version, not the junior. Up to 22w (30w without bulb) and 4-8 Ohm. And has 4 attenuation levels. Comes with original box, papers and replacement bulb. Best attenuator, I've ever used, but sold the amp I played it...
  10. DDF

    Visit at Historic Makeover's new facilities

    Hi everybody. About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the new facilities of Historic Makeovers in Orlando. Kim invited me to come by and visit his shop. As some of you might know, Kim is a great guy and it’s always fun sharing some time with him. He is very passionate about his work...
  11. DDF

    WTB: 1957 / 62 Fender tweed champ

    Hi I'm looking for a vintage tweed champ. The amp should be functioning and in good condition. Originality is also important. Only 8" speaker models. Please pm me if you're interested in selling yours. Thanks.
  12. DDF

    FS [EU]: Fender Custom Shop '57 Deluxe

    Up for sale is my Fender Custom Shop ’57 Deluxe Reissue. 12-watt Vintage Reissue Handwired Tube Guitar Combo Amp with 12-inch Jensen Speaker. This is the exact recreation of an original 1957 Deluxe Amp. 4 inputs (2 mic, 2 inst), 2 volume knobs, 1 tone knob, standby and on/off knob. This amp is...
  13. DDF

    Tweed Champs: '57 vs. '58 vs. RI

    Hi. A friend of mine just did this video comparing this 3 amps: - vintage '57 (all original) - vintage '58 (changed OT for a Mercury) - '57 Reissue He plays a Masterbuilt Fender Strat, a Fender CS Tele with a Humbucker in the neck and a R9 with Antiquities. Fender Tweed Champs: 1957 Champ...
  14. DDF

    FS [EU] Fender TELECASTER CUSTOM MIJ - w/ Lollars

    Hi there. Now that I sold my little Vibrochamp, I put this beautiful 1992 Fender Telecaster Custom MIJ up for sale. The Japanese Fenders from that area have nice woods and a great construction. To complement that I put some Jason Lollars PU in her. The Lollars are 52 in the neck and Special T...
  15. DDF

    FS [EU] Fender EC VIBROCHAMP - Mint

    Hi. Up for sale is my tweed Fender EC Vibrochamp. It’s in mint condition: no dings, no nothing. Never left the house. It sounds just great and works perfectly as a practise or small gig amp. Well, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of good things about that little tweed. If you don’t, it’s basically...
  16. DDF

    Fs [eu]: Fender ’57 deluxe (tweed reissue)

    Hi. Up for sale is my FENDER ’57 DELUXE TWEED REISSUE. It’s a great amp, from clean to distorted sounds you can get everything you want just by tweeking the guitar volume knob. Well, you know tweeds... It’s a Fender reissue that is no more under production, now Fender only does the EC amps...
  17. DDF

    Remebering Marc Bolan

    2011 Gibson Custom Shop Artist Series: Marc Bolan Les Paul Never had one, but man did she look cool:
  18. DDF

    CC#3 vs. regular '10 R9

    For the same price and mint condition, which one would you choose? Also which one do you think has a better resale value? Or would you just skip the two and save some more and get a '13 R9? Thanks in advance.
  19. DDF

    Opinions on Fender Blues Deluxe?

    Been offered one in a trade. What do you think about this amp? I'm looking for a clean fenderish amp that goes well with humbuckers (mostly) and single coils. Used to have a Blues Jr III. It was ok, but nothing special. Too boxy. Is the BD similar to the BJr? Thanks in advance.
  20. DDF

    [EUROPE] FS 1967 Gibson TRINI LOPEZ

    Hi. Up for sale is my 1967 Gibson TRINI LOPEZ. As some may know the regular TRINI LOPEZ model is a variation of the Gibson ES-335. It has diamonds instead of f-holes, split diamonds on the fretboard and a Firebird headstock, kind of cool. :) The guitar is in excellent condition. All original...