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    Tuning Issues ( Anybody )

    Ok so I'm not an English major. Sue me...……………….heres your F#&*%*^% period. With no apostrophe. Does that bother you too? I just happened to be surfing Youtube the other day. Came across this guy doing 30 minutes on why you can't keep Les Paul's in tune. Just had to vent. :beer:Cheers!
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    Tuning Issues ( Anybody )

    It seems every time I turn around lately I hear someone saying that Les Paul's, though great sounding, just wont stay in tune. Who here, who is a Les Paul player, has a problem with keeping your guitar in tune? I have been playing guitar well over half of my life. Have played everything from the...
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    Gibson neck please help

    People freak out when I tell them my setups. Some say its too low, cant get under the string to bend. Don't know about you but I play on top of the strings...
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    Gibson neck please help

    I play .005 relief. I check relief and intonation every time I change strings. .012 relief will make it feel like knives cutting my fingers.
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    A Stratocaster?

    Interesting that Leo never stopped trying to improve on the Strat. With Pre 1980 Musicman, Pre 1990 G&L F-100 S-500 Comanche's. Of which I've had all, Which is why the only Strat I have left Is a heavy MOD.
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    Soloing Tone Tips for Single Guitar Bands

    You could try a trick I used to use. Don't try to go straight from rhythm to lead, on the same beat. Pick a chord, let it ring out. While ringing, drummer and bass player need to get what would normally be seen as overly busy. It's like a distraction. Don't get in a hurry. Use this time to take...
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    2020 NAMM - Gibson News, Pics, Videos

    If history has taught us anything. It's that people will bitch about anything...
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    So 10's It Is Then

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    So 10's It Is Then

    Rotosound The only string that I could actually hear the difference. Have talked to those who don't like them. These are also people who say Marshall amps let you hear your mistakes more clearly. Rotosound also been offering extra first string on electric sets as long as I have been using them...
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    So 10's It Is Then

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    Gwyneth Paltrow's Candle

    Ever see Debbie Does Dallas
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    Critics don't like "The Rise of Skywalker". 57% on rotten tomatoes.

    I Don't get it, Tried to get interested. Lost interest about half way through Return Of The Jedi. Live Long And Prosper
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    2020 Year Of The CHIEF
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    Strat Mods to Improve Primary Tone

    Don't hate me but was paid to do a refurb on a '62 or '63 Strat, years ago owner wanted Lace Sensor's. They were a big deal at the time. If I remember correctly ( Blue Neck Gold middle and Red Bridge.) Was different
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    Well Dressed or Original?

    I like the look of covers. But tone is the bottom line My #1 live LP has covers #2 does not. Tone with playability a close second. Have seen some beautiful Lester's that either don't feel right to me, or don't. have the tone that makes me want to play.
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    So 10's It Is Then

    In the 70's and early 80's played .008's on everything. Moved to .009's and stayed there till around 2002. Reports I've heard have Billy Gibbons playing .007's doesn't seem to bother his tone. But 10's for me. .011" are an acoustic string in my world.
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    Don't know what to do.

    Being an ASS man, I'd love to see the back. I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you walk away.
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    new vs. used (and value)

    2002 - early 2006 Standard . Good quality Nice heft Burstbucker Pro. Can be had for around $1500. US Best bang for the buck. P.S. ( No coil split. If you want the real thing get the real thing.)
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    Fender Molded Cases and Breakage.

    DO NOT like plastic cases. Have had two or three. All were crap. For a fender. G&G case. Will not buy one in plastic. Our rhythm player back in the day, loading out of a gig. Set his Musicmaster in case down behind his car. Night was dark, player was drunk. Got in car and backed over the case...