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    acceptable in the 80's

    or now :D raw shred alert...
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    December 2019 - Backing Track of the Month

    some rough twiddly nonsense.... Pod XT and Ibanez hardtail
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    No More Tears

    Just the solo :)
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    Nice pentatonic lesson

    This seems like a great way to practice and get that nice wide interval type sound
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    September 2019 BTOTM

    I didn't hear any lost-ness, if that's a thing :D
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    September 2019 BTOTM

    Ceriatone SRV tone on a Kemper and Ibanez RG
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    August 2019 BTOTM

    I had a full length slighlt drunk/nonsense take recorded then I saw @KP11520 mention Love Bites...I love the guitar part in the chorus of that song :D, so did this.../
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    Developing Better Picking Technique And Speed

    give the vid below a watch...key points.. finding hand position that works for YOU (can injure yourself trying to copy others technique) breaking licks/phrases down in to sections 'chunking' even just 2 notes at the most extreme you need to start slow but you need to try and play fast if you...
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    July BTOTM

    tried using a clean(er) tone but ended up back with the usual....
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    June 2019 BTOM!

    not sure but sounds like it could be a Whitesnake song...or maybe Heart...or prob loads of others :D
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    Odd number scale and alternate picking.... HELP!

    strict alternate (tome) picking usually means alternating pick strokes on every beat rather than every note (which isn't always the same thing...although it can be!) if there was any pause between the last note of the scale (on a downstroke) and the first note of the next repetition of the...
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    June 2019 BTOM!

    bit of a laid back take...bumfs included....
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    May 2019 BTOM!

    It’s like something pink floyd would do...leaving recordings of the studio engineers etc on some of their tracks!
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    May 2019 BTOM!

    you can stick with F pentatonic/blues with this but it's a pretty awkward speed...eith er sounds like you're playing your usual bluesy licks slow or it get s abit much trying to go fast! maybe it's the swing! posting this for now just to get it started...Ibanez RG on neck pickup, Morgan AC20...
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    April 2019 BTOM!

    this is a powerful track..........loving everyones tracks :D started this halfway through when the guitars kick in and it goes a bit metal!
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    Effects and Kemper

    tbh I've never understood what the effects loop does until I read up on it today.....also have prettyt much zero understanding of the kemper beyond downloading profiles from rig manager....I'm going to make a point of understanding the difference between stomps/effects etc the...
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    Effects and Kemper

    What would be the best way to connect a PODxt to a Kemper just to use the effects on the pod? I tried before just running the output of the Kemper in to the input of the pod but it took some of the “life” out the sound
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    MLP March 2019!

    not had much time but tried this earlier with a clean(ish) that 'might be able to get a take' feeling!...warts n all..
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    MLP February 2019 BTOM!

    LP Copy and Kemper....