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  1. Walt_T

    Cannerey Row

    I'd forgotten what a great dark comedy this is, great movie.
  2. Walt_T

    Factory trashed Telecsters

    Almost 4 grand? Run away.
  3. Walt_T

    Favorite Hot Dog?

    We grill all year, but summer is hot dog season. Being from upstate NY, nothing I know of can even come close to the Hofmann products. All their products are a cut above. Snappy Grillers are my favorite.
  4. Walt_T

    Haunting song from TV commercial.

    My wife watches TV all night, it's always been that way no problem. The last few weeks there's been a tune on a commercial that wakes me up, not quite lucid, but listening. It's very modern pop, a girl singing something like I'm OK, I'll be alright. Tune intrigues me. Any help to get this...
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  6. Walt_T

    Thinking about stuff.

    I guess I'm a survivor . Always been a Honky Tonk weekend player. Played my first time out before it was legal for me to even be in a bar. I played in Dive bars with the same guys for 20+ years. Only lost one of the crew to the Low Spark. A lot of other friends succumbed. I miss them.
  7. Walt_T

    Who has played Gospel in their sets?

    We used to work a couple in because they just fit.
  8. Walt_T

    Happy Country for Friday

  9. Walt_T

    Scenario for you guys.

    An electronics manufacturing company has fired all it's best Electronic Test Development engineers, and the rest have left because they couldn't take it any longer, all because of one man- the CEO. So no test development staff in place. This company keeps bidding and winning jobs they can't...
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    I miss this guy.

  11. Walt_T

    RIP Hunter S. Thompson

    One of my favorite writers. Been gone 14 years today.
  12. Walt_T

    Well, that's seven in the last 10 years

    Just got word another lifetime friend buzzed himself out of existence. Haven't seen him in many years, but kept in touch through mutual friends. Doctor shopper as I was told. Stop this shit...RIP Bobby B.
  13. Walt_T

    The frost is cooking, and the butter is boiling.

    Should have saved this for Friday, but my wife just said it to me and I had to do something with it now before I forget. No, she's not a blond. I laughed so hard. She's making goulash for dinner, and she does it all from scratch. Maybe one to many hits on the pipe.
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    My favorite song of all time

    RIP Toy...
  15. Walt_T

    I'm going to...

    Finish up putting together all the guitars I started modding. Gonna buy an Aston Martin too.
  16. Walt_T

    New battery for the truck today.

    Almost gave up this morning, caught on second try and got to work. Six years on a three year battery, not bad. Bought the same thing to replace it.
  17. Walt_T

    What pickups came in a 2010 SG 400?

    A friend might buy a used one.
  18. Walt_T

    Spin off of the"Brick Bars" post.

    When my father started having problems doing things with his hands, his doctor suggested Lego to retain dexterity. He improved greatly, and kept it up with the kits. He sent me a couple of kits when I was on the island working missile defense. I'm a Lego addict now. The Technic stuff is amazing...
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    Mom always liked you best...

  20. Walt_T

    This is Greatness