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  1. Aussiemodo

    What have you found after being hidden for ages?

    Put in a "Safe place" for 31 years, just rediscovered, never used :)
  2. Aussiemodo

    NGD (Sorta)

    Well, it's not new. It's also not today, but it is a guitar.. ! Mentioned in another thread, I bought this sucker, replaced a bridge saddle, new strings and tightened the loose volume pot an here we are. :) If it's good enuff for this guy, Then It's good for me too. Itsa my Barfday today...
  3. Aussiemodo


    We had a "Newer Car Day" this week.:applause: Traded in a 2003 Forester for a 2011 XT Premium Forester....noice. :dude: You will notice the steering wheel is on the Proper side.
  4. Aussiemodo

    For the record

    I have been a Premium member for quite a while. I haven't just signed up for the porn. :naughty: :shock: Thank you, back to our regular programming. :cool:
  5. Aussiemodo


    Hi all, Big thanks to Ray at Grinning Elk Music Company,dealing with him has been a total pleasure.:applause: Guitar arrived today in astonishing condition for a 33 year old instrument, well packed and no fuss. I'm a happy lad.:cool: Cheers.
  6. Aussiemodo

    Looking at buying a V2...

    to join my E2, particularly interested in the natural finish with the walnut layer on top and the V shaped pickups. Have read though that these pickups don't sound too good (would be impossible to change easily) has anyone had any experience with these? Are they more a collectors thing than...
  7. Aussiemodo

    15th Wedding Anniversary today !

    And they said it wouldn't last :). I think being late starters (we were 36 when we married) and being the first marriage for us both probably helped. We tell people we are still together 'cause we have no where else to go :laugh2: . I wonder if the love stretches to a 4th Gibby, been looking...
  8. Aussiemodo

    Opinions needed on Explorers!

    G'day Guys, Been thinking of getting an Explorer and notice there are some with 2x humbuckers and some with 3x P90's. We don't see many Explorers here in Australia so will probably buy from the States, I know it's a very subjective thing but what are your opinions of the differences between...
  9. Aussiemodo


    G'day guys, Thought I'd post my First Gibson NGD photo, bought for my 50th birthday. It's an '82 Lester Custom with Tim Shaw pups. I call her Roseanne 'cause she's American, loud and bloody heavy :). (that's OK though, I'm no lightweight too) Cheers, Dags.