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  1. emerald81

    Gary Moore guitars and gear (new video)

    Interesting video with Neville Martin from guitarist magazine and some of Gary's guitars. Nice to watch the 1959 les paul stripe and other vintage guitars used by gary. Enjoy.
  2. emerald81

    New partner, epi les paul std plus 2005

    A few weeks ago I bought this epiphone les paul standard 'plus top' in trans amber. Really nice guitar, lightweight... good for rehearsals. Soft action, balanced sound. All stock. Some pics! No flash More pics to come. :wave:
  3. emerald81

    Real or fake?

    Some pics. Not mine. Declared 2000 standard. What do you think? Thanks
  4. emerald81

    NGD Traditional Pro Ebony 2011

    Hello friends, new guitar today... its a les paul traditional pro ebony, 2011. Very soft action, sounds really nice. Weight aprox 9 lbs. :thumb: Pics for you. Thank you.
  5. emerald81

    Scott Goram 1957 Les Paul

    Scott showing his 1957 les paul. Me And My Guitar: Thin Lizzy - YouTube
  6. emerald81

    Les paul replica vs reissue measurements

    Hello friends, the other day I was testing my les paul replica along with a r7. What I noticed is that obviously different body shape and other details. The gibson seems made by a computer, too perfect in shape or at least I left that impression. Looking at the different plans out there to...

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