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  1. Uncle Vinnie

    The Crown - Netflix

    Love this one. Love 20th century history of the English monarchy. Can't believe how well John Lithgow plays Winston.
  2. Uncle Vinnie

    Bruce Conte (Tower of Power) '57 GT

    Always loved ToP. Their guitar player Bruce Conte played this '57 GT, beat to crap but still beautiful. Anyone have more info on this one? And what is up with that bridge?!!! This one is worthy of Collector's Choice status.
  3. Uncle Vinnie

    So did one of you guys buy this '59?

    The subject of this post a '59 at Elderly Instruments that they'd had for sale for quite some time, think they were asking $225k. ETA: They did however recently list this '64 Strat ...
  4. Uncle Vinnie

    So what did Santa bring you?

    Got my soft case. Love it!
  5. Uncle Vinnie

    1997 R4 on Reverb, price drop

    Nice R4, big price drop to a decent price ....
  6. Uncle Vinnie

    Nothing says Christmas like a sweater ...

    Got it at the duty free coming back to Michigan from Sault Ste. Marie ......
  7. Uncle Vinnie

    'Nother nice Strat ...

    Not mine. '74, Lake Placid Blue and maple board. Love this combo. I'm loving the big headstock Strats.
  8. Uncle Vinnie

    Cool Midnight Special with lots of great guitars ...

    1973 Episode. Some highlights, First up, Doobies, Tom Johnston with what looks like a '56 GT or reissue Jim Croce @ 8:15 T-Rex @ 15:15, and yeah, Marc Bolan is playing that Les Paul. Also Gloria Jones is singing back up. Linda Rondstat @ 26:30, what a face AVOID 34:15-37:45, Helen Reddy...
  9. Uncle Vinnie

    Meanwhile in the Hague ….

    Another stabbing attack. All firearms-related comments from "London Bridge On Lockdown" thread apply.
  10. Uncle Vinnie

    The day after Thanksgiving …...

    Company is gone, sitting here in my rocker with the laptop on my lap, drinking coffee and surfing MLP. I'm not doin' crap today. I'm not going anywhere. When I get up the gumption I'm going to do a set up on my Deluxe and play it until my fingertips bleed. The weather here in Manistee, MI is...
  11. Uncle Vinnie

    '78 Les Paul Pro Deluxe GT

    Dang! If I hadn't just bought a black one I'd have been all over this.
  12. Uncle Vinnie

    Meanwhile in Ohio ...

    Animal rights activist stabs woman wearing fur(?) at church ...
  13. Uncle Vinnie

    Very clean 1980 LP Deluxe Tobacco Sunburst ...

    $2,300 OBO. This is a very nice color on a Deluxe.
  14. Uncle Vinnie

    RIP Taylor ...

  15. Uncle Vinnie

    Love this Strat!

    From Wildwood, master built, Braz board and tall dollars, but DANG it's purrrty. They call it "Cadillac Green" I love these late 1960s reissues with 4-bolt necks and large headstocks.
  16. Uncle Vinnie

    The Entertainer

    This will either inspire you to practice or sell your stuff.
  17. Uncle Vinnie

    NGD: 1978 LP Pro ... I believe they call it "mojo"

    New to me '78 Pro Deluxe. Was a total compulsion buy but after handling it and playing it, I'm glad I bought it. I bought it with the intention of having it refinished as a GT (a finish offered on the LP Pro) but was threatened with mayhem if I did by other MLP members, ;) so I'm leaving it as...
  18. Uncle Vinnie

    Super nice 1969 NOS Strat, G-Brat

    When I was into Strats this is the one I wanted. Pure Hendrix. NOS, none of that relic crap. Even has the Fender "F" on the neck plate. Love it.
  19. Uncle Vinnie

    Refinish question vis a vis binding ... Pics Up. Follow Link

    Just bought a '78 LP Pro Deluxe - black (will do an NGD post soon). Been played a lot with much natural relicing (bumps, dings, finish worn away at the edges and neck). I want to have it refinished in either black or gold top. The binding has the coolest natural yellowing I've ever seen and I...
  20. Uncle Vinnie

    LP Deluxe in Fender Shell Pink ...

    I kind of like it. Always thought an LP would look good in the old Lake Placid Blue too. What'ya think?