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  1. nicolasrivera

    A digital and analog evening at the studio

    No Marshall, but we had a Friedman SmallBox, pretty sick Plexy tone out of that beast.
  2. nicolasrivera

    A digital and analog evening at the studio

    We had planed this gathering a few weeks ago and man was an amazing 6 hours of great tones. Had Axe Fx`s, FX8s, Headrush PB and analog and digital pedals and some of the best amps and cabs around. Everything sounded great, we had turns showcasing how we approach our gear and set up the rigs. We...
  3. nicolasrivera

    OX4 vs Wizz for my R8

    Try a set.
  4. nicolasrivera

    Post your historic goldtops!

    Friedmans and Goldies, yeah!!!!
  5. nicolasrivera

    New Mike Burn 1959 Les Paul Video

  6. nicolasrivera

    1989 Epiphone Les Paul

    I have played her every day since i got her, its a fantastic LP, still cant believe how good this Epis where back then.
  7. nicolasrivera

    2019 Custom Shop Reissue Changes Sneak Peek!

    Such an improvement! $400 price increase right? :facepalm::io:
  8. nicolasrivera

    1960 Les Paul Standard Johnny B.

  9. nicolasrivera

    Uncirculated 1958 Les Paul through a matching 50’s Les Paul GA-40 amp

    Hope the critics approve this one! Enjoy!:thumb:
  10. nicolasrivera

    Unknown burst serial number. Anyone know which one this is? Round 2

    92829, thats what i see sharpening the image.
  11. nicolasrivera

    1989 Epiphone Les Paul

    I`m in love with this guitar.
  12. nicolasrivera

    1989 Epiphone Les Paul

    Interesting. But why not hope its like that? Where they randomly weight relieved? The guitar sounds great acoustically. It rings actually as amazing as my R5 does and it has perfect sustain. But what i find shocking is how good the pickups are!
  13. nicolasrivera

    1989 Epiphone Les Paul

    Inside the PU caves.
  14. nicolasrivera

    1989 Epiphone Les Paul

    Just landed Yesterday on my hands this beauty that was for sale locally. Didn't new anything about it and found the open book headstock shape from that era a bit confusing, but got help from the FB Epiphone group that help me decide on the purchase and man what a great decision! Its very...
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    Enjoy :dude:
  16. nicolasrivera

    2001 R8 Value?

    Best year for an R8!
  17. nicolasrivera

    Killer ´59 Burst video!

    Pure Mojo!