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  1. charlie chitlins

    PAFs for sale near me. PAF gurus, check it out, please.

    One has a very low reading...3.something ohms. Clearly there are questions and issues. I just don't know enough to take a chance on them...yet. What do you think?
  2. charlie chitlins

    Custom Shop FMT Strat, anybody?

    A guy is offering me one in trade. Neither of us knows what JMT means. He says its on the COA. OK...not JMT...FMT...Flame Maple Top.
  3. charlie chitlins

    PRS Custom 22, anybody?

    Might take one in trade. Strange 5 way rotary switch. Wraptail. Any impressions? Should I be asking my dentist?
  4. charlie chitlins

    FT Kendrick BadAssMan, Philly area

    You can see from the pic why I just don't need this one anymore. Amp is dead mint. Only gigged a handful of times and transported carefully with 6-sided Tuki cover (included). All the goodness of a 5F6A Bassman plus a Drive channel and Reverb...
  5. charlie chitlins

    PSA '72 Deluxe North Haven Ct

    Asking $2200 No affiliation. Saw it on Facebook Marketplace. Wish I could grab it. If you get it, send me a dollar.
  6. charlie chitlins

    Hercules Stands-Customer for life

    The adjuster thingy on my schnazzy 3-guitar stand turned to snot and could well have dropped 3 guitars at once. Dodged a bullet! Contacted Hercules and got the typical gracious, 'No problem, Charlie-o...just send us pics, the serial # and THE SALES RECEIPT THAT YOU,OF COURSE, HAVE CAREFULLY...
  7. charlie chitlins

    5F6A Bassman comparison, '58 vs. Kendrick

    I've been meaning to do this for....2 years, maybe? I still feel like I need more time than the 20 minutes I had to devote to it. '58 Bassman vs. Kendrick BadAssMan How can one even compare? Even 2 '58 Bassmans could be very different. The K has modern glass, the F has old US glass with old...
  8. charlie chitlins

    Anybody had a tone epiphany lately?

    After 35 years of gigging, I've had TWO lately. 1st...always-on delay with repeats turned off (which gives 1 repeat on my pedal) and just a tiny bit of time between so it doesn't sound like 2 notes, but 1 big, fat note. I'm sure this isn't news to many of you, but I've always been a...
  9. charlie chitlins

    Anybody gigging a plexi shield?

    The never ending search for the ability to twist it up a little more without hurting people. We often don't mic, so this would be mainly for cranking it into the sweet spot. Just at home, I definitely noticed a drop in volume and a loss of high end. I'll haul it to the next gig and see how it...
  10. charlie chitlins

    '94 Epiphone Sorrento the house. I'll post pics later. 1994. It showed up on craigslist for 3 bones and I couldn't resist. Original TKL case. These things are damn scarce...and I've never seen a black one. It's been very well set up and plays really nicely. Split shaft tuners (didn't expect that). Couple dings...
  11. charlie chitlins

    Killer ladies, various Gibsons and a cranked Deluxe!!

    I think it's a Deluxe Reverb, anyway. Just an amp, a cable, and some SERIOUS badassery!!! Fanny.
  12. charlie chitlins

    $100 ES335

    WTF is G-Gibson? Does the seller stutter when he lies? mod edit: link removed
  13. charlie chitlins

    1952 Les Paul

    From an ad on Unique to this Year: First year of Les Paul production. In 1952, model uses flimsy trapezoid tailpiece and shallow neck angle which causes stability and playability issues. For this reason, '52 Goldtops are rarely collected to actually be played. Great salesman!
  14. charlie chitlins

    Les Paul-Style Les Paul ;)

    I did this mod awhile ago. I totally love DeArmond Dyna-Sonics and I know Les did, too. I'm one of those "lucky" guys with way too many guitars, which means there are always a few that fall out of rotation. I modded this one and didn't play it much. I think I hauled it to a festival once...
  15. charlie chitlins

    What's with Firebird prices?

    IIRC, for a few years (recently) these were 11 or 1200 brand new. Now I don't see used ones with asking prices less than what they were new last year.
  16. charlie chitlins

    What's with these cavity covers?

    I've never seen this. Is it right? They look like linoleum.
  17. charlie chitlins

    Scariest refret ever

    Technically, anyway...I always get more nervous when it's a high dollar guitar. The '67 Rick 335 I recently did was weird as hell, a hassle and scary! On this one, when I took the old frets out, the mystery fretboard wood ('55 Rex/Kay) didn't want to hold the new frets in. They sprung up all...
  18. charlie chitlins

    Ever use a fret saw?

    I had to sand a fingerboard enough that I'll have to deepen the slots. I've got a lot of experience with saws, rasps, files, gouges, etc., but are there any tricks/tips/cautions I should know about?
  19. charlie chitlins

    Got Glow?

    Just recapped this '65 Supro Thunderbolt. Glorious.
  20. charlie chitlins

    If Clapton, Page, Bloomfield and Green...

    ...would have played '54 Les Pauls, all you conversion fucktards would be putting gold paint and wraptails on 'bursts. You're like a bunch of 9-year-olds painting stars and stripes on your stingray bikes to look more like Evel Kneivel. Now get off my fuckin' lawn.