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  1. Rob the Photog


    I had a ‘95 LP Classic for many years, but I’ve heard that the newer Slim Taper necks aren’t as skinny as the old ones. Unfortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to try one for myself just yet. Thanks for the info, and congrats again, that's a real beauty!!
  2. Rob the Photog

    Thoughts and opinion on a 2008 Gibson LP R8 (Maple Syrup Burst)

    That’s pretty sweet - pun intended! :) No idea why it exists (is there some connection between Les Pauls and maple syrup, or is it just the color?), but I dig that Limited Edition stamp. Sorry that I don’t have any helpful info. Good luck!
  3. Rob the Photog


    Gorgeous! I wish I had the cash to be able to make an offer... Interesting that there are no Sharpie scribbles in the pickup cavities. I’m very curious about the necks on these. Would you be willing to measure? Congrats!! :thumb:
  4. Rob the Photog

    Knob differences

    I found this whole process to be interesting and educational, and I wanted to share my story with MLP. Hopefully this info will help others in the future. I have zero affiliation with any of these companies. The backstory, for those who like reading about the journey: I bought a used 2016...
  5. Rob the Photog

    How is this possible?

    NOBODY wants a sharp G string... :laugh2: I’m set in my ways now because I’ve found what I like, but when I was younger I tried a number of different string brands. I was always surprised at how the same gauge strings from different brands could feel so totally different. I have no idea the...
  6. Rob the Photog

    Epiphone Pickup Rings installation (CreamTone) - HELP!

    I know you said they’re supposed to be for Epiphone, but those look like Gibson-size rings to me. Maybe contact CreamTone to see if they sent you the wrong ones?
  7. Rob the Photog

    Gibson in Michigan

    I’m also from Michigan, and I’d have to give that a firm no. Gibson is a business, and businesses exist to make money. There’s just no financial incentive for them to leave “Music City” aka “The Country Music Capital of the World” to move back here. I think it makes even less sense for them...
  8. Rob the Photog

    Very dry fretboard

    I submerged my guitar in rice overnight. The rice attracted Asians who then fixed all the electronics. Paraphrasing from this meme: (I’m half Asian, so I can make jokes like that and not be a racist :laugh2: )
  9. Rob the Photog

    1957 Les Paul Modified!

    I don't know enough about vintage 50's Les Pauls to comment on whether or not that guitar is real. The wood does look old to me, but there are just too many things wrong with it/altered on it, not the least of which is the Gibson logo. This is one area where my media arts background and...
  10. Rob the Photog

    why arent tailpieces slammed anymore

    Ha, I guess I’m just special! :laugh2: From what I’ve seen in other people’s posts, I do seem to be in the minority. I used to believe that decking the TP was the “right” thing to do for “maximum tone and sustain,” but when I experimented with decking vs not and top-wrapping vs regular, I...
  11. Rob the Photog

    why arent tailpieces slammed anymore

    I have wondered if my body chemistry perhaps doesn't work well with nickel-plated hardware. I have chrome on most of my guitars, and of course those stay nice and shiny. I swear, that nickel hardware from my old LP Classic in those pics tarnished like that after maybe 6 months of use, and I...
  12. Rob the Photog

    why arent tailpieces slammed anymore

    This is the original tailpiece from a mid-90’s LP Classic that I used to own. I top-wrapped one time way back when and hated it, but kept it that way until the next string change just for the sake of not wasting a set of strings. You can see where the strings ran across the top, and over all...
  13. Rob the Photog

    Traditional 50s neck and rounded

    About a couple of years ago I was shopping around specifically for a 2016 Traditional because I needed a beefy neck, but during that time I tried a fair number of 2017's and some 2018's as well. The 2016's definitely felt fatter/fuller. The 2017's I tried reminded me of the slim taper neck on...
  14. Rob the Photog

    Does anyone recognize this headstock?

    Because it’s Friday somewhere? :rofl:
  15. Rob the Photog

    Famous Plain Top Burst Players

    Oh, sure. I have nothing against 3-piece tops. A lot of them look pretty cool.
  16. Rob the Photog

    Famous Plain Top Burst Players

    Not sure about a Norlin, as that guitar was probably somewhere around '87/'88/'89 (AFD was released in '87, and Henry et al bought Gibson in '86), but it's most definitely a 3-piece top. I think that was Slash's #1 touring guitar for a long time, starting around the Use Your Illusion era. I...
  17. Rob the Photog

    NGD: 2005 Standard Faded honeyburst

    Congrats! :thumb: Great top; nice, subtle flames but not over-the-top, just right. 50’s or 60’s neck?
  18. Rob the Photog

    White Gibson Les Paul Studio (2009)

    Elderly Instruments is just the name of the shop. They specialize in vintage instruments, but they don't discriminate. :) Not long ago they had a used 2018 Les Paul Traditional for sale. They also sell lots of new products, mainly Fender for electrics, but they have a great selection of...
  19. Rob the Photog

    White Gibson Les Paul Studio (2009)

    Well, that went fast! I check their site pretty regularly, so it couldn’t have been up for more than a day or 2. Did someone here snag it?
  20. Rob the Photog

    2019 Gibson Les Paul DC Junior Tribute Question

    Right?? I mean, it’s great IF - and that’s a massive IF - you decided to add a neck P-90 in the future. But, that’s what Specials are for! I agree, if I thought I had purchased a single-pickup guitar and someday discovered that there’s another rout under the pickguard, I’d be so pissed!